2024 aquarius tarotscopes

2024 Aquarius Season Tarotscopes

2024 aquarius season tarotscopes

The dates for Aquarius Season are 20 January to 18 February 2024. The illustrations for the Aquarius energy cards below are from the Rider Waite Tarot and the Tarotscopes are with the Thoth Tarot.

On 25 of January, we have the Full Moon in Leo. Read all about it HERE (includes a Tarot Spread).

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Aquarius Energy in the Tarot

Aquarius energy is found in the following cards: The Star, Knight of Swords, and the 5-7 of Swords. In the breakdown below, we take a closer look at how the symbolism and card meanings show forth the energy of Aquarius in these cards.

Aquarius Symbolism in the Star Card

The Star Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

The Star card in the Tarot is a symbol of hope, inspiration, and serenity. It features a female figure pouring water into a pool which represents the flow of subconscious and conscious awareness. The stars above, shining with promise and guidance, suggest a sense of renewed faith and a feeling that the universe is aligning in the seeker’s favour. This card generally follows some form of crisis or what we Tarot readers refer to as a Tower moment, indicating a period of healing and tranquillity. The Star’s message is one of peace, suggesting that the querent trusts in the future and believes in their dreams and aspirations.

Astrologically, The Star is associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius, a sign known for its forward-thinking, humanitarian outlook, and desire to contribute to the greater good. Aquarius is co-ruled by the Planet Saturn, which brings a sense of order and structure, and Uranus, which bestows a sense of revolution and change—both aspects that resonate with the card’s symbology of hope and a better future. Aquarians are often visionaries who inspire others and work for social change. They possess a deep connection to community and collective well-being, reflecting the card’s theme of nourishment and nurturing of others.

The female figure’s act of pouring water symbolises the constant flow and sharing of ideas and wisdom that Aquarians are known for. The natural setting is peaceful and abundant, often replete with a sense of unity between the figure and the environment around her. This harmonises with Aquarius’s role as an innovator, working towards creating a vibrant and sustainable future for all, symbolising the hope for new beginnings and the possibilities of a brighter tomorrow.

The Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

In the Rider Waite Tarot deck, the Knight of Swords (Air of Air) embodies the dynamic and intellectual energy that is often associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. In the Golden Dawn system of correspondences, it is associated with the last decan of Capricorn and the first two decans of Aquarius.

The Knight of Swords is depicted as a knight in armour, riding a white horse at full speed, with his sword raised high. His face is determined and he charges forward as if heading into battle. The background shows stormy skies and strong winds that billow his cape and the trees, emphasising motion and change.

Aquarius Characteristics Highlighted

Intellect and Communication

The sword held aloft by the Knight represents intellect, logic, and communication. Aquarius is known for its mental agility and innovative thinking, often ahead of its time, much like the swift Knight who brings new ideas and communicates them fearlessly.


Aquarius is a sign associated with progressiveness, and the forward charge of the Knight suggests a strong drive to pursue new ideas and social change. The Knight’s energy is quick and transformative, aligning with the revolutionary spirit of Aquarius.


The Knight of Swords can sometimes act with a sense of detachment, focusing purely on intellectual pursuits or the task at hand. This mirrors the Aquarian tendency to maintain a certain emotional distance while analyzing situations with a clear and rational mind.


While not directly depicted in the card, the fervour and urgency with which the Knight pursues his goals can be analogous to the Aquarian drive to fight for humanitarian causes or to champion the rights of the collective.

Rebellion and Change

The turbulent background and the speed of the Knight’s charge reflect the Aquarian love for shaking up the status quo. The Rider Waite imagery of the Knight of Swords highlights a readiness to challenge existing structures and initiate significant change.

Visionary Nature

The Knight of Swords is often seen as a visionary, keenly aware of his destination or goal. Aquarians are similarly futuristic, often occupied with grand visions that they wish to bring into reality.

Through the Rider Waite imagery, the Knight of Swords therefore serves as a metaphorical representation of Aquarian traits—intellectual acuity, determination for progress, and the pursuit of high ideals with a dynamic, sometimes abrupt, approach to change.

The 5 of Swords (Venus in Aquarius)

5 of Swords Rider Waite Tarot Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

The 5 of Swords in Tarot often signifies conflict, defeat, and the hollow victory that comes at a great cost. With its astrological correspondence to Venus in Aquarius, this card can indicate a clash between personal values (Venus) and the collective good (Aquarius). Venus emphasizes the desire for harmony and connection, while Aquarius is the sign that values independence and innovation. Attempting to assert one’s values or ideas in a way may disrupt social harmony or result in interpersonal disputes. There’s also a warning against the pursuit of personal agendas or winning arguments at the expense of kindness and unity.

Concerning the energy of Aquarius, the 5 of Swords might suggest a situation where Aquarian progressiveness has been taken to an extreme, leading to rebellion or disruption that causes more harm than good. Aquarius energy aims to break down outmoded structures to bring about progress, but the 5 of Swords warns of the potential for doing so with a disregard for others’ perspectives or welfare. The card may also highlight the Aquarian challenge of detachment taken too far, leading to isolation or an intellectual superiority that alienates others.

The lesson here is to strike a balance, using Aquarian innovative thinking and Venus’s harmonising influence to address conflicts in a way that moves towards growth rather than destruction. This is the way to find a more fair and considerate resolution for all parties involved.

The 6 of Swords (Mercury in Aquarius)

6 of Swords Angelic Tarot Card Meanings

The 6 of Swords is a card of journeying from troubled waters to a place of greater safety and mental clarity. With its astrological correspondence to Mercury in Aquarius, the card signifies the movement towards a more progressive and innovative state of mind; it signifies an intellectual transition. Mercury, the planet of communication and thought processes, influences the way we rationalise and convey our ideas. In Aquarius, Mercury encourages unorthodox, futuristic thinking, and problem-solving which benefits the collective.

In the Rider-Waite depiction of the 6 of Swords, a figure ferries a boat across a body of water towards a distant shore. This imagery conveys a sense of leaving behind turbulence and strife in pursuit of a more stable and peaceful environment, be that physical, mental, or emotional. Aquarius, as a sign, values intellectual freedom and the pursuit of knowledge that serves the greater good. The combined energy of Mercury and Aquarius in this card embodies the Aquarian proclivity for detachment. Aquarius prefers to view situations from an analytical perspective to navigate life’s complexities with a calm and logical approach.

Furthermore, the 6 of Swords is also about communal transition, reflecting the Aquarian ethos of collective improvement and sharing wisdom with others. As we apply our ideas for the benefit of society, we often move towards a more altruistic and socially conscious mindset. The card prompts us to embrace change, trust in the process of evolution, and communicate our insights with others along the way. It is about the journey of aligning our thoughts with our highest hopes for humanity, fostering unity and understanding through intelligent discourse and innovation.

The 7 of Swords (Moon in Aquarius)

7 of Swords RWS Tarot Angelic Tarot Card Meanings Keywords and Correspondences

The Tarot 7 of Swords often appears as a card of caution, highlighting the themes of strategy, stealth, and sometimes, deception. With its astrological correspondence to the Moon in Aquarius, this card brings forth a complex interplay between the often erratic and detached nature of Aquarius and the deeply intuitive and reflective qualities of the Moon. The Moon’s presence within this visionary air sign might suggest a situation where thoughts and ideas are kept hidden. One’s true intentions are cloaked in secrecy. The inherent Aquarian inclination towards independence and non-conformity may lead to unconventional or unorthodox methods to attain objectives. The 7 of Swords embodies this inclination as a covert approach.

The imagery depicted in the Rider-Waite-Smith version of the 7 of Swords often includes a figure stealing away with swords, a metaphor for taking or using ideas or plans covertly. This echoes the Aquarian symbol of the water bearer—someone who distributes knowledge—yet in this card, it can imply a selective sharing, or even withholding, of insight. The Aquarian energy in this card suggests an emotionally detached calculation. It serves as a reminder that knowledge can be hidden.

Aquarius energy is also about disrupting the status quo and pushing boundaries. The 7 of Swords can symbolise these traits as the bypassing of conventional societal structures and norms. The Moon’s influence adds an emotional layer to the card, indicating that the actions taken may be influenced by deep-seated, subconscious motivations. Often, this card can encourage the querent to consider alternative perspectives and to remain open-minded, yet vigilant, about the ulterior motives of both themselves and others. Ultimately, it serves as a reminder to ensure that individualistic goals don’t lead to unnecessary discord or ethical quandaries.

Aquarius Season Tarotscopes

While these Aquarius Season Taroscopes are primarily for your Rising and Sun Signs, you may also wish to check your Moon Sign for a more in-depth understanding of the energies at play. These Tarotscopes deal with a major theme that Spirit is highlighting for you during the 2024 Aquarius Season.

For a more in-depth and personalised reading (or a complete 12 Houses Year Ahead reading), please check out my reading services. As always with general readings, keep only that which resonates.

Aries Aquarius Season Tarotscope

aquarius season tarotscope for aries

This Aquarius Season presents you, Aries, with an intriguing dance of balance and agility, as symbolised by the 2 of Pentacles. An opportunity arises to expand your work into the world. However, it means juggling various elements of your life to make room for growth. Staying flexible will be of the essence.

The challenge for you comes in the form of the 3 of Cups, a card typically associated with celebration, friendship, and social gatherings. Your social life may demand more from you than you’re comfortable giving at this time. You could also feel torn between work obligations and maintaining a cheerful presence within your community. Remember that while connections are significant, they should not throw you off balance. Set clear boundaries to ensure that your social dealings enhance rather than hinder your multitasking efforts.

The Magician encourages you to draw upon your talents and resources to master your environment. As you balance and coordinate the various aspects of your life with the opportunity presented, allow The Magician to remind you that you possess the power to create successful outcomes. This is a period of realising your potential and manifesting your desires. Harness this energy, and align it with your innate leadership skills to navigate Aquarius Season with grace and competence.

Taurus Aquarius Season Tarotscope

Taurus Tarotscope

Taking a soulful sojourn into your emotional depths, the 8 of Cups offers you an invitation this Aquarius Season, Taurus, to seek deeper meaning in your life. There’s an opportunity calling you to leave behind what no longer serves your highest good—even if it’s comfortable or familiar. Venturing into the unknown might be daunting, but it’s in the vastness of uncharted territories where you’ll discover new horizons of personal growth and emotional fulfilment. Embrace this period as a time for introspection and inner journeying. It’s okay to move on from stagnant situations to find what truly resonates with your soul’s calling.

The challenge you face is signified by The Devil, a card representing potential bondage to materialistic desires or unhealthy patterns of behaviour. Aquarius Season beckons you to explore the chains that bind you—may it be overindulgence, an attachment to security, or even the fear of change—and to question whether these shackles are self-imposed. The Devil warns you to be mindful of excess and the illusion of comfort that may prevent your spiritual and emotional ascension. Remember that freedom comes when you acknowledge these limitations without judgment.

The energy of the King of Pentacles (the Knight in the Thoth Tarot) acts as a strength for you to draw on this month. Grounded in the material world, this King is a master of resources, stability and physical well-being. You have what it takes to manifest abundance and navigate through transitions with a practical and steady hand. Use the King’s resourcefulness and inherent connection to nature to find practical solutions. No matter the emotional tides, your sense of security and practicality will remain intact. You will have a solid foundation from which to grow and evolve.

Gemini Aquarius Season Tarotscope

The breath of fresh air that arrives with Aquarius Season carries an exhilarating breeze of mental sharpness and clarity for you, Gemini. The Ace of Swords rises as your beacon of opportunity, piercing through confusion to reveal truth and inspired thinking. A new idea or revelation is on the horizon, holding the promise of breakthroughs in communication and innovative ways of solving problems. It’s time to cut through obscurities and think and communicate with unprecedented clarity. Your words and thoughts have the power to initiate significant change, so wield them wisely and with clear intent.

However, with every opportunity comes a challenge, and yours is manifested in The Tower, signifying sudden upheaval and the dismantling of long-standing structures. While potentially jarring, the Tower’s intervention serves as a cosmic reset, toppling outdated beliefs and systems that no longer serve your journey. This period may test your resilience as it forces you out of complacency and into rapid adaptation. Welcome the transformation, Gemini, as it is designed to reconstruct your world on a more authentic and truthful foundation.

Amidst the chaos of change, your anchor and source of enduring power is reflected by The Empress. The Empress beckons you to draw upon your innate creativity, empathy, and nurturing spirit. Embody her abundance and channel these qualities into your growth and the world around you. Let her fertile energy inspire a renaissance of warmth and comfort to those shaken by change, including yourself. Her presence in your reading reinforces the idea that even when structures crumble, the enduring force of love and compassion will see you through, encouraging rebirth and renewal.

Cancer Aquarius Season Tarotscope

Aquarius Season Cancer Tarotscope

The 5 of Swords often denotes conflict or an atmosphere of tension may not seem to bring in much of an opportunity. However, it asks you to leave behind a battle no longer worth fighting. There is a lesson in discernment here, as you navigate the complex interplays of ego and interaction. You may find yourself in a situation where standing up for your principles requires delicate manoeuvring. Choose your words and battles wisely to forge a path to resolution and understanding. Failing that, the opportunity lies in simply walking away.

In the face of the 5 of Swords, you are met with the fiery presence of the King of Wands. The King of Wands is a master of inspiration and vision. However, in the position of a challenge, it suggests a tempering of impulses and an assessment of how you assert your will and influence. There may be a scenario where bold assertions could stoke the fires of discord. In light of this, harnessing this powerful energy responsibly will be key. Strive for a balance between your passionate desires and the need for peace within your domain.

Within the swirling energies of both opportunity and challenge lies the warmth and promise of the 10 of Cups. This card of emotional fulfilment and family harmony reinforces the precious value of your relationships which act as your strength. Draw upon this deep well of love and connection as you navigate Aquarius Season. The 10 of Cups assures you that, despite potential discord, the strength of your bonds will offer solace and support. It reminds you that unity and happiness are achievable and worth every effort to maintain.

Leo Aquarius Season Tarotscope

leo tarotscope

This Aquarius Season, you are presented with the King of Swords (Knight of Swords in the Thoth Tarot) as the opportunity. This energy provides momentum for growth and assertion in the realm of intellect and communication. It’s time to embrace leadership with thoughtful action and decisiveness, particularly in areas that require clear-headed strategy and objective reasoning. Set aside the dramatic in favour of the diplomatic. This Aquarius Season invites you to cut through any confusion with the sword of truth and diplomacy.

The main challenge in the month ahead arrives in the form of the 8 of Cups. The trick is to detach and leave behind your comfort zone in search of deeper meaning. To accomplish this, make some time for introspection. Figure out where heart and mind feel at odds before wandering off in search of more fulfilling experiences. This challenge may manifest as a sense of restlessness in your current emotional landscape, pushing you towards necessary change.

Amid this season’s opportunities and challenges lies the celebratory energy of the 4 of Wands. The 4 of Wands is synonymous with a joyous occasion, community, and a sense of completion. As you navigate the challenges before you, let this card remind you of the importance of celebrating your achievements. Find solace in your community and recognise the stable foundations you have built. It is important to recharge your spirit and create a balanced environment. This will ensure that your personal growth is supported by the harmonious bonds you’ve nurtured. Lean into the 4 of Wands as an affirmation of your capacity to find joy and strength in unity.

Virgo Aquarius Season Tarotscope

virgo tarotscope

Virgo, the Aquarius Season brings an opportunity in the form of the 3 of Cups. This is a time for connective joy, where group harmony and collaborative efforts are your areas of opportunity. Celebratory gatherings, be they professional or personal, offer the chance to network and meet kindred spirits. Embrace the social energy of this period to foster valuable connections and shared happiness. The 3 of Cups is also a reminder to acknowledge the support of your community. It signifies the collective strength of friendships that uplift and nourish your spirit.

As you bask in the camaraderie, the 6 of Wands emerges as your challenge. It urges you to confront your definitions of success and recognition. While the 6 of Wands is often a sign of victory and acclaim, it poses the question: How will you handle your accomplishments? The temptation to seek external validation for your achievements could distract from your inner journey of fulfilment. Remain humble and grounded, Virgo. Balance the celebrations of public victories with an appreciation for the personal, quieter successes that resonate with your soul.

Within you lies the resourceful prowess of The Magician (The Magus in the Thoth Tarot), serving as a potent strength during this time. The Magician imbues you with the ability to manifest and use the resources and skills at your disposal. Remember that you have everything you need to manifest your desire. Draw upon your innate analytical abilities and attention to detail to channel the Magician’s transformative energy. With focused intention and clear communication, you can turn the opportunities and challenges of the season into a harmonious blend of success and satisfaction.

Libra Aquarius Season Tarotscope

Libra tarotscope

For Libra, the quintessential balancer of the zodiac, Aquarius Season heralds a period of fog-lifting clarity as the Seven of Cups presents itself in a positive light. These weeks invite you to categorise your dreams and decide what’s real and potential from mere fantasy. You have the opportunity to examine the varied paths before you with an analytical mind. It is an excellent time to break free from illusions and any dependencies that cloud your judgment. This is your chance to solidify your choices and focus on your highest aspirations.

However, the emergence of The Devil as a challenge suggests that breaking free from limiting patterns and materialistic attachments won’t be a simple task. The Devil highlights the temptations and bindings that may be holding you back from achieving your true potential. These could manifest as unhealthy habits, obsessive behaviours, or toxic relationships. It’s imperative during this time to confront these shadows. Acknowledge the control they exert and the ways they stifle your spiritual liberation.

While navigating through the illusions and the bindings, The Tower stands as an unexpected source of strength. The Tower symbolises the necessary breakdown of false structures and the revelation of truths. Employ its transformative power to initiate breakthroughs. Allow the collapse of what no longer serves you to create space for new, authentic pursuits. It’s a potent reminder that you can rebuild on stronger, more honest foundations. Lean into this season’s profound shifts, and watch as you emerge with renewed purpose and direction.

Scorpio Aquarius Season Tarotscope

scorpio tarotscope

For Scorpio, Aquarius Season beckons with the reflective cunning of the 5 of Swords. This card provides an opportunity to gain clarity on which battles are worth fighting. The 5 of swords signifies the essence of strategic retreats and the cutting away of engagements that drain your energy. Now is the time to prioritise your endeavours. Make sure that you invest your efforts only in challenges that align with your true path. Sharp discernment will be your guide as you decide which confrontations to bypass, which to address head-on, and which to forfeit in favour of peace and progress.

However, the challenge presented to you is the daunting 10 of Swords. This card signifies the culmination of mental strife and the stark realisation of a necessary conclusion. You may find yourself grappling with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle or the end of a significant chapter. The 10 of Swords asks you to accept the finality of a certain situation. Remember that from endings come new beginnings. It is in these moments of surrender to the inevitable that we learn the deepest lessons.

Within this complex season lies your strength. It is signified by the equipoised 2 of Swords. This card represents balanced forces, the need for calm and composure, and the power found in a temporary truce. Draw upon your naturally deep and introspective nature to navigate through challenging decisions. The 2 of Swords encourages a poised stance amidst uncertainty. Taking time out grants you the ability to centre your mind and access inner peace. Trust in this inner peace to act as a shield against any challenges you meet.

Sagittarius Aquarius Season Tarotscope

As the Aquarius sun energises the collective, Sagittarius, you’ll find that the universe is aligning to fill your cup to the brim. The 9 of Cups appears as your opportunity, beckoning you towards a phase of contentment and wish fulfilment. This is a time to focus on what brings joy to your heart and satisfaction to your soul. The 9 of Cups encourages you to pursue your desires with optimism. Visualise your ideal outcomes and trust in the power of positive intention. Your ability to manifest your dreams is heightened now—embrace it and let your ambitions soar.

Yet, amidst the promise of abundance, the 5 of Pentacles casts a shadow of challenge. This card reminds you that external circumstances may not always align with your inner sense of plenty. Financial concerns or feelings of lack might emerge. It’s asking you to find strength in areas other than material wealth. The 5 of Pentacles highlights the importance of seeking support when needed. Remember, Sagittarius, that scarcity often precedes abundance, and your present trials are but stepping stones to greater prosperity.

As you navigate this juxtaposition of abundance and challenge, the steadfast Knight of Pentacles (Prince in the Thoth Tarot) offers a valuable anchor. This card signifies unwavering dedication and an enduring work ethic. It represents your ability to tackle tasks with a level head and practicality. Let this energy ground you. Remind yourself that progress, though gradual, is assured when you commit to your path with diligence and care. Slow and steady wins the race!

Capricorn Aquarius Season Tarotscope

capricorn tarotscope

You may find yourself enshrouded by the 8 of Swords, Capricorn. Yet within this encirclement lies an unforeseen opportunity. Often signifying self-imposed restriction and analysis paralysis, the 8 of Swords invites you to go within. This is how you recognise the limitations you’ve placed upon yourself. Seize this opportunity to challenge and confront the fears that bind you. Free your mind… and the rest will follow!

The romantic and idealistic Knight of Cups (Prince in the Thoth Tarot) presents itself as your challenge this season. This Knight is on a quest driven by the heart. This placement reminds you that it’s essential to balance your emotional aspirations with the pragmatism that so naturally grounds you. You may be tempted to pursue new passions or creative ventures that promise emotional fulfilment. Yet, they may also distract you from your current path. Navigating this dichotomy between dreams and reality will be your challenge.

Your strength throughout this season finds form in the studious Page of Pentacles (Princess in the Thoth Tarot). Grounded in the Earth Element like you, this Page symbolises a steadfast commitment to learning and growth. Let this energy motivate you to approach your obstacles as opportunities for learning. Allow the curiosity of this Page to inspire your journey toward intellectual freedom and self-improvement. Holding the Page of Pentacles as your talisman, you’ll find the resolve to explore new avenues while remaining grounded.

Aquarius Tarotscope

aquarius tarotscope

Aquarius, as you revel in the energy of your own season, the winds of change and intellectual curiosity are ushered in by the Page of Swords. She offers you the opportunity to ask all the right questions that will lead you to the answers you need. Embody this Page’s eagerness for knowledge and her ability to remain alert to the world around him. With your natural propensity for unique ideas, now is the ideal time to question, investigate, and debate with an open but discerning mind. Let your thoughts be as free-flowing and unrestrained as the breeze. This is a season of awakening to your inner scholar as well as to your naturally curious inner child.

On the flip side, the 2 of Pentacles presents you with a challenge that requires the art of balance and adaptability. You may find yourself juggling multiple tasks or navigating fluctuating circumstances. Finances, time management, or resource allocation could be areas demanding your attention. It’s essential during this season to maintain equilibrium in your busy life. Prioritising and remaining flexible will be crucial as you dance with the ebb and flow of life’s varying demands.

In these times of mental stimulation and multitasking, the High Priestess stands as your source of inner strength and intuition. She calls you to draw upon the deep wisdom and inner knowing that resonates beneath your active mind. The High Priestess teaches you to trust the insights that surface when you tune into your inner world. She embodies the duality of the known and the unknown. Her presence encourages you to find moments of stillness amidst the whirlwind of activity. Channel the calm and illuminating energy she offers. It will serve as your guiding light through the vibrant season of Aquarius.

Pisces Aquarius Season Tarotscope

pisces tarotscope

The 3 of Pentacles emerges as the opportunity for you this Aquarius Season. It heralds a time when your collaborative skills will come to the fore, offering ripe opportunities for joint ventures and projects. This period is ideal for pooling resources and talents with others. This allows you to create a synergy that can elevate your work to new heights. The essence of the 3 of Pentacles encourages you to embrace the value of teamwork and shared objectives. Allow the mutual respect and admiration you find in these partnerships to cement the foundations of lasting and successful alliances.

The 5 of Pentacles represents the challenge. The energy of this card may manifest as financial worry, a sense of lack, or an emotional cold spell that leaves you feeling isolated. The challenge lies in your ability to seek assistance and recognise that you are not alone in your struggles. The 5 of Pentacles calls for action. Acknowledge any hardships and remember that they are often temporary. Reach out to available support systems and confront your situation with a practical mindset. It is in overcoming such adversities that we develop resilience.

The potent energy of Judgement (The Aeon in the Thoth Tarot) stands as the strength to draw upon this season. This Major Arcana card beckons you to rise to your calling, urging you to shed the old to make way for the new. Judgement a period of reflection and self-assessment, prompting a personal reckoning of past actions and their impacts. Let go of lingering regrets and embrace the liberating potential of rebirth. Trust your intuition as you align with your higher purpose. This allows you to rise like the phoenix, with the power to lead a life of greater authenticity and fulfilment.

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