the lunar nodes tarot spread

The Lunar Nodes Tarot Spread

the lunar nodes tarot spread

In today’s post, we are going to look at the Lunar Nodes in astrology and what they signify in our natal charts. Then we are going to have a bit of an Astro-Tarot play with these energies in the form of the Lunar Nodes Tarot Spread below.

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Before reading about the meaning of the Lunar Nodes or doing the Tarot spread below, I want you to locate the two Major Arcana cards corresponding with your North and South Nodes***. You will need these two cards for the spread but it can also be helpful to look at the symbolism in the cards before reading about the significance of the nodes.

***If you don’t know what your North and South Nodes are, you can find out for free on

Zodiac Correspondences

The Significance of the Lunar Nodes in the Natal Chart

The lunar nodes, also known as the North Node and South Node, play a significant role in astrology and the natal chart. Essentially, they represent points in the sky where the path of the Moon intersects with the path of the Sun, resulting in two opposite points.

North Node (Rahu/Dragon’s Head)

The North Node represents a person’s karmic path, destiny, and areas of growth and development in this lifetime. Hence, it signifies the lessons and qualities we need to embrace to fulfil our life purpose. Ultimately, the North Node shows the direction to move forward, leading to personal growth and alignment with Higher Will. This forward movement toward our future destiny is encoded in both our natal chart and our DNA. However, we still have free will. Sometimes, it takes more than one lifetime to achieve a particular goal.

South Node (Ketu/Dragon’s Tail)

The South Node represents the lessons, patterns, and skills carried from past lives into the present incarnation. Hence it signifies comfort zones, habits, and qualities that need to be released or transformed to progress on our spiritual journey. Essentially, the South Node indicates tendencies that hinder personal growth if relied upon excessively.

Overall, the lunar nodes create a dynamic balance between the past (South Node) and the future (North Node). They highlight the need to find harmony between old patterns and new potentials. They act as guideposts, showing areas of life where growth and conscious effort are required to break free from old patterns and fulfil your life purpose.

Additionally, it is essential to consider the houses the lunar nodes fall in as they bring specific themes and lessons to those areas of life.

The Lunar Nodes Tarot Spread

The Lunar Nodes Tarot Spread
  1. The North Node: Future life destiny. Find this card in the deck, face up, based on the correspondences in the list at the top of the post. Reflect on how this destiny is unfolding in your life and what your hopes might be for future alignment and unfoldment.
  2. The South Node: Past life baggage. Find this card in the deck, face up, based on the corresponding Tarot card in the list above. Next, sit with this card for a while and reflect on how the energy of the card is relevant to your life’s journey so far. How has it helped you? How is it holding you back?
  3. Challenge: This card reveals the current challenge that makes it difficult for you to align with your North Node. Thus it provides insights into what you need to overcome or work through in order to grow and create better alignment.
  4. Support: This card represents the energies or resources available to you for aligning fully with your soul’s blueprint.
  5. Lessons to Learn: This card provides insights into the areas of personal growth and development that are currently relevant to you.
  6. Opportunities for Growth: This card reveals the opportunities or potentials for growth that are available to you right now. It represents the areas of life in which you can focus your efforts to experience personal transformation.
  7. Integration: This card represents how to achieve harmony between old patterns and new potentials so that you can fully embody your Highest Self.

Lastly, don’t forget to journal your findings after reading with the Lunar Nodes Tarot Spread. This is an important reading to revisit every now and again.

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