8 Magical Empowerments to Unlock Today + The 888 Power Tarot Spread


Today is a very special day numerologically speaking, it’s an 8 day (1+7=8) in an 8 month (August), in an 8 year (2+0+1+5=8). This triple 8 forms a gateway to great empowerment in terms of spiritual fulfillment, breaking free from negative old habits, manifesting abundance and more.

As some of you will have realised straight away, the same goes for two other dates in August this year, i.e. 8/8/2015 and 26/8/2015. In other words, THREE chances to harness this amazing energy!

The presiding Archangel is Azrael. Azrael rules Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th House in the Zodiac.

The corresponding Tarot cards are VIII Strength, the Scorpio XIII Death card and XX Judgement (Pluto). You may also choose to work with any of the four Minor Arcana eights or any card that resonates with a goal you wish to achieve.

Eight magical empowerment to choose from:

* Better financial control
* Greater abundance
* A more empowered approach on your spiritual path (i.e. trusting more in your inner guidance)
* More courage to be who you really are deep down
* The power to finally break free from any stagnant or limiting situation
* Greater alignment with your Life Purpose
* The oomph to successfully complete a demanding project
* More charisma

You will be more successful in manifesting your goal if you pick just one to focus on today. The Tarot spread below was created to help you achieve your goal and also to let you know if that is truly the best goal for you to focus on right now…

The 888 Power Tarot Spread

The 888 Power Tarot Spread

Place a card that represents what you wish to manifest through the triple 8 gateway in position number 8. This card is not to be chosen randomly but face up, with an image/symbolic representation that is as close a match as possible to what you wish for.

If you wish to take this to the next level, you may also wish to choose a corresponding coloured candle + essential oil for dressing the candle. Feel free to ask if you are not sure which colour/incense to choose.

I strongly recommend casting a circle of protection if you do choose to do this as a spell. A simple way to do so is to turn to each cardinal point, starting in the East and invoking the assistance of Archangel Raphael, Michael (South), Gabriel (West) and Uriel (North). Opening the circle you move anti-clockwise from the North and thank each guardian in turn, beginning with Uriel.

Ideally, you should work with a deck that you use exclusively for manifestation. That way you can leave the card out on your altar (or somewhere safe where you can view it often) until your goal has been achieved.

Position 1: What your Guardian Angel has to say on the matter. You can choose an Angel Oracle card for this position if you prefer. If you work with the Tarot and what you perceive as a ‘negative’ card shows up here, now may not be the best time to focus on this particular goal. Simply adjust by choosing a different goal.

Position 2: How your current close relationship helps/hinders your progress toward this goal.

Position 3: A talent to captilise on to help you get there.

Position 4: The foundation for a future where having achieved your goal is a reality. If no solid, promising card shows here it may be better to wait if you wish for lasting results. Again, simply adjust by choosing a different goal and start over.

Position 5: Something to clear from your relationships that would otherwise hinder you.

Position 6: Something to add in your relating/intimate relationship(s) to help achieve your goal.

Position 7: Something in your recent past that will have a bearing on your progress. Read together with cards 1 and 3 to understand how to best deal with the consequences of this past event.

Position 8: Your goal

I hope you enjoy trying this spread today. Let me know if you have any questions. As usual, I’m more than happy to help out with the odd card you may be struggling with but won’t be able to interpret full spreads. If you do need help, please give me what you’ve got so far and a precise description of why you feel stuck on a particular card or combo.

Brigthtest Blessings