How to Enjoy the Christmas Day Full Moon

Christmas Full Moon

Tomorrow’s full moon in Cancer, I can feel it in my witchy old bones. It does not only happen on a day that is special to many of us – it also happens precisely at 11:11, a gateway number. This means that anything set in motion for the highest good of all will be powerfully supported by the Universe. You could say ‘The Force will be with you’ if you’re a Star Wars fan.

So where should we focus our energy and how can we make the most of this powerful energy. The most important thing to remember is actually to just relax, enjoy and go with the flow. Other astrological aspects ensure a lot of harmonious celestial support on the day… and let’s face it, most of us have the whole day planned with our families.

The Moon is at home in Cancer (Cardinal Water) and makes sure that we are more intuitive than usual. We are also more likely to enjoy spending time in the home with our loved ones. Pretty ideal for Christmas day, in other words.

One thing to be mindful of is that crab claw that tends to hold on a bit too tightly… sometimes it can be to a person (watch out for jealousy and emotional manipulation). Other times it can be stuff… you know, material things. A Cancerian is not as likely to have cleared out their home of old things and toys the kids no longer want for charity, as say an Aquarian. They are more likely to have stuffed the attic and the closets to temporarily clear space for new gifts. You’ll have more joy if you let go and make some space.

You are likely to be more nostalgic than usual and want to reminisce about Christmas past. This is even more true for those of you who have lost loved ones in recent years. The veil is still thin, so indulge this tendency by showing up for your loved ones on the other side. Light a candle and have a wee chat with them. Mention their name at the Christmas dinner table and make them feel welcome.

Are you planning on doing some Christmas magick on the Full Moon? It would almost be a shame not to on such an auspicious day. As for what working to focus on, pretty much any wish you want to make true goes. For health, the focus would be on the chest, abdomen, skin and weight management.

The Moon rules Magick in general and the Angel of Magick is Archangel Gabriel. The best way to connect with this powerful energy is obviously to be outside, in direct moonlight… but it could be a bit on the chilly side and we don’t always have clear skies. To strengthen the element of Luna, don’t forget to add a vessel containing water to your altar and work with moonstone, abalone shell, pearls or selenite.

One neat spell to try is to charge any real pearl jewelry you have with your intent – especially if you wear them regularly. That way you will feel the gentle support of Gabriel and Mary, Mother of Angels, all year long…

If you do have some me-time this Christmas (I can just hear the snorts and chuckles of some of you right now – right there with you!), perhaps you would like to focus some contemplative energy and throw some cards on how to better your nurture yourself in 2016. And it’s totally OK if you have to save doing this spread for one of the quiet days between Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve… 🙂

Full Moon in Cancer – Christmas Day 2015 Tarot Spread

Christmas Day Full Moon in Cancer Tarot Spread - Nurturing


Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

Lisa xoxo

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