Romance Angels Oracle

The Romance Angels Oracle

Romance Angels Oracle

I don’t really do reviews but I wanted to share first impressions of the Romance Angels Oracle by Doreen Virtue which I received today because I feel it merits mention and might be of interest to readers of this blog.

Those of you already familiar with Doreen’s oracle decks will feel right at home with the format of this package. The box and cards are the same size as usual. These cards are slightly larger than tarot cards, especially width-wise and are made from sturdy, glossy card stock with gilt edges. The deck has a sumptuous feel which I really enjoy.

The set comes in an equally sturdy cardboard box, complete with an instructional booklet which tells you how to prepare for reading the cards and also gives you in-depth card meanings.

Each card has a key word/phrase at the top of the card as well as one sentence printed under the card image, making the cards very easy to interpret even without the little book. The images themselves also give plenty of scope for intuitive interpretations as they are colourful and rich in detail. I find some of them quite humorous too; not sure if that’s intended though :-P.

As usual with Doreen’s decks, the card images are illustrated by various artists – I know this irritates certain people but it never really bothered me. In this deck, I find the varying styles coherently romantic. The artists are Lisa Iris, Howard David Johnson and Corey Wolfe.

There are 44 cards, covering a wide range of relationship issues and topics. (See sample images below.) These cards are not meant to be read with reversals but they can be used with cards from other decks to gain more insights into the central relationship issue according to Doreen. Mostly, they’re meant to be used for one question/one card draws but a simple past-present-future spread has also been included in the companion booklet.

Romance Angels Oracle

Romance Angels Oracle. © 2012 Doreen Virtue

First impressions of this deck are very favourable and I would say these cards have exceeded my expectations already. I give the Romance Angels Oracle deck 5 out of 5 possible stars. This is beginning to seem an awful lot like a review, isn’t it?

Angel Blessings


ETA t Dec 2017: So much has changed since I did this review. Please read my article The Truth about Doreen Virtue’s Conversionfor reasons why I no longer link to a sales page for this deck and why I have chosen to boycott any and all Hay House products. A good replacement deck for the Romance Angels Oracle is the True Love Reading Cards.