7 Witchy Ways to Celebrate the Libra New Moon

Libra New Moon Angelorum

Hey, Earth Angel, what are you doing this Libra New Moon? Fancy celebrating it the witchy way?!

Libra is ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty, and the corresponding Archangel is Anael. When the Moon is New in Libra is the best times to set the intent and sow the seeds of beauty, harmony, new love, improved relationships and artistic inspiration.

  • Buy a green aventurine or rose quartz (both are affordable, as they are not terribly rare) piece of jewelry and dedicate it to the Goddess Venus. Invoke her assistance in creating more harmony, love and beauty in your life.
  • Do a release ritual to create a clean break from toxic relationships. You can do this in the form of a ritual bath, with a handful of sea salt, half a cup of epsom salt and a few drops of rosewood essential oil. Visualise all cords to undesirable connections dissolve in the tub and then drain away as the bath water goes down the plughole. Chant the following spell three times as the water flows out to sea:

What was sticky and old goes into the cold
I am safe and warm, away from the storm
I am free from those who seek to bind
Thank you, Goddess gracious, Goddess kind!

So mote it be!

  • Cast a love attraction spell to attract Mr or Ms Right. Light a pink candle for romance (magenta for more passion/chemistry). Make a list of all the qualities (non-negotiables) you want him or her to possess. Put the list somewhere safe until your dream comes true and start living as if it is already materialising… because it is! Just leave the timing to the Powers That Be – fretting about timing is the quickest way to undo a spell.
  • Charge a decorative item with the power to transform any discord to harmonious communication and place in a prominent space it in your livingroom.
  • Plant a money tree to attract abundance, as Venus rules the second house of Abundance too. Bury the rune Fehu in the pot. Set the intent that as the plant grows and thrives, so will your income. Propagating the plant in the spring and giving it as a gift to your friends increases both harmony and abundance for everyone.
  • Who do you need to forgive? Do a forgiveness ritual (no better way to restore harmony!). Light a black candle to represent any grievances. Write down the name(s) of anyone you need to forgive, along with your grievance next to the name. Contemplate how holding onto this grudge makes you feel and imagine how much lighter you would feel if you could let it go. Say the Ho’oponopono prayer below and then burn the paper in a fireproof container. Know that you are included in this prayer too. Self-forgivness can sometimes be tougher than forgiving someone else. If that is the case and you really struggle with feelings of guilt, consider taking Pine Bach Flower Essence.

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

  • Is your work/life balance out of whack? Schedule regular, magickal me-time to restore balance and harmony. Strive for at least one session a week of glorious self-indulgence to cleanse and recharge your energy. Trust me, everybody will thank you for it! It’s no good running on half a battery, is it? Make it something you don’t normally think you deserve… go on, give yourself that spa treatment.


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Lisa )O(