8 Reasons Email Tarot Readings Rock!

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Do email Tarot readings really work? You might have doubts about connecting through the ether or just generally doubt that email readings can be as good as face-to-face readings.

Allow me to put your mind at ease… Here are my top eight reasons why Email readings often have the edge:

  • Pure energetic connection.Β One of the main advantages of connecting through the ether is that you get straight to the core of a person’s energy. My preferred method is tuning in through either a picture with the eyes clearly visible or the date of birth.
  • Discreet and confidential. Nobody else needs to know you have consulted a Tarot reader. You receive the reading in the comfort of your own home. Less stress all around!
  • Perfect timing. The connection through the ether can be done at a time that allows for maximum psychic flow – unlike a scheduled face-to-face or phone reading when a badly digested kebab or a bad case of the sniffles could so easily interfere with the reading.
  • Less distractions, better focus on the question. The question gets undivided and impartial attention. I make sure my surroundings are completely conducive to the reading and allow the focus of the space to be on the interaction between your question and the psychic impulses that emerge through the cards.
  • Thoughtful answer. Because the answer can arise without distraction and with perfect timing to the oracle (i.e. me), I’m able to put the answer in a thoughtful and succinct format which cuts to the chase.
  • Documentation. Having the reading written down makes it possible for you to refer back to it – at a time that is convenient for you. If you are too emotional to digest the message straight away, it will still be there for you a day or even a week later.
  • Questions you may have. You can always check back in with questions and feedback for your reader if anything is unclear.
  • Tarot readers are often introverts/HSP’s. This means they naturally do better in writing and/or in environments that are free from distraction.


My top secret personal reason… Shhhhhh!Β I was born with Mercury retrograde. People like me are often more articulate in writing than in speaking.

(And if you’re still in doubt, check out these testimonialsΒ and reviews of my email Tarot readings on a third-party website.)

Blessed Be!


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  1. I love this, because I get tongue-tied when I'm trying to explain what I'm seeing/reading from the cards. I've always been better at typing something out than trying to verbalize it.

  2. I agree, especially with points 4-6. I have made the same experience. I was very sceptic about online and email readings myself but I found they actually work quite well. I used to do "avatar-to-avatar" readings on Second Life, which is a bit of a mixture of live telephone reading and email because it was live but it was still in writing, which gave me time to phrase well and the querent an opportunity to refer to the reading again later. I always gave them a notecard with a transcript of the reading afterwards.

  3. Interesting! I know I prefer getting briefed at work via email as opposed to on the phone because it means I have an automatic written record – I never thought of that extending into a reading context.

    Fascinating post, Lisa πŸ™‚



  4. I'm glad to hear you're finding that email readings are working out for you, Saturness. Don't ever let anyone tell you you are less of a reader because your preferred mode of reading is via email or in writing. This is a much needed service. Not everyone leaves near a Tarot reader either!

  5. I have been giving email readings to willing guinea pigs (because I am still a beginner when it comes to reading for others), with interesting results! I am surprised how the message really comes, strong, and it makes sense (or at least that's why people say in their feedback), despite the distance. Because I don't have the worry with a person scrutinizing me from across the table, I find it easier to focus solely on the question and the cards, and take as much as I need doing so.

    I was born with Mercury in the 12th House, oriental and combust, which can point to communication problems. That is funny because I LOVE writing and I work in publishing house (very mercurial activity), but I find that I express myself better through writing than speaking. And since I get very nervous when reading face-to-face, I usually make a fool of myself during these occasions.

    I plan to stick to email readings for a while, especially while I am still practicing. If people ask me about the validity of email readings I'll make sure to send the link to your post to them. πŸ˜‰

  6. Great post, Lisa! I love doing e-mail readings too. I really like meeting people I do readings for in person but it's great to be able to go back to the written messages again and again. And it works! As if by magic we can connect like this. I admit it still blows me away.

    Big hugs, Karina

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