tarot of the golden wheel week ahead pick-a-pile tarot readings

Golden Wheel Tarot Pick-a-Pile Week Ahead Forecasts

Golden Wheel Tarot Pick-a-Pile Week Ahead Forecasts

Happy FriYay, my friends! Hope you had a good week and are looking forward to the weekend. For the week ahead pick-a-pile readings today, we are working with the Tarot of the Golden Wheel.

Before scrolling down to your chosen reading, take a moment to enjoy the Card of the Day message from the Tarot of the Golden Wheel…

Pile 1

Golden Wheel Tarot Pick-a-Pile Week Ahead Forecasts Pile 1

You finally figured out what you want deep down and you’re going for it. Good for you! But are you being realistic about the timeline and the resources needed? The Page of Swords suggests that one of the challenges you are facing now is the need to do a bit more research in order to come up with a viable plan. A healthy dose of patience will also be required. You’ve got this but it will probably take a wee bit longer than you initially anticipated.

Quint: Strength

Affirmation: I stay focused and research the topics that will help me achieve optimal success. I patiently work toward my goal, one day at the time

Pile 2

Golden Wheel Tarot Pick-a-Pile Week Ahead Forecasts Pile 2

You are grounded, if a bit naive, and you are facing fierce opposition from people who are cunning and not very bothered about telling the truth. What to do? Stay true to your ideals and stand your ground. The seeds you are planting now will find good ground. Guard them well against the birds and the weeds. Just be prepared that when the harvest comes, wolves will be on the prowl seeking to devour those who have done all the hard work. The fight is only just beginning. Seek help from the hosts of Heaven

Quint: The Chariot

Affirmation: I am innocent as a dove and wise as a serpent. Angels do battle by my side

Pile 3

Golden Wheel Tarot Pick-a-Pile Week Ahead Forecasts Pile 3

This is your time to shine. You have some wonderful achievements to celebrate. Acknowledge them. Your dreams will inform you about what steps you need to take next but don’t rush past this stage. Share your good fortune and the wisdom you have found along the way with others who are only starting out. Don’t be afraid to indulge in feeling great. Life doesn’t always have to be a battle. Allow yourself to truly feel how good it feels to appreciate the journey so far and to open up to new levels of compassion.

Quint: Strength

Affirmation: I acknowledge my achievements and allow myself to feel the joy of them deeply. I share this joy with everyone around me. My generous heart grows evermore compassionate

Have a fab week, everyone!


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