heaven and earth tarot week ahead messages pick a pile

Heaven and Earth Tarot Week Ahead Readings

heaven and earth tarot week ahead readings

Happy FriYay, my friends! For the individual week ahead messages, we are working with the beautiful Heaven and Earth Tarot by Jack Sephiroth. Please read the general guidance for the collective below before scrolling to your individual reading since the individual messages all relate to the general guidance. Guidance for the collective this week is with the Gateway of Light Activation Oracle.

Week Ahead Oracle Guidance for the Collective

week ahead guidance for the collective with the gateway of light activation oracle

Who is on your Spirit Team, my dear Spirit Warrior friend? Are you aware of them individually or collectively? Do you rely on their help and guidance?

This is a great week to connect with new members of your Spirit Team who can help you become more compassionate and heart centred. They are the guides stepping forward for all of us right now as we move closer to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces next month.

These guides can help us remedy any tendencies toward cynicism so that we can return to innocence, acceptance and unconditional love. They do this through heart healing and rewiring our central nervous system with light codes so that the intelligence of our hearts can be given greater prominence.

In the New Earth paradigm, we connect more from the heart and this allows for telepathic communication to begin taking place once more. This type of communication was very common among our ancestors and still is among some indigenous people.

Call from the heart and answer the call from the heart if you decide to connect with new Spirit Team members this week. Ask them to help you shine your heart-light bravely into the world.

Because what the world needs now is… (fill in the blank).

Heaven and Earth Tarot Week Ahead Messages

heaven and earth tarot week ahead messages pile 1

Pile 1

Practical concerns (health and money matters) are keeping your mind preoccupied this week. Important decisions have to be made but you are finding it difficult to sort your thoughts out. The best way forward is actually to allow your heart to make the decisions for you.

‘How?’ I hear you asking. Place your hands over your heart and ask a question that can be answered with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’ Feel into the energy of your heart for the answer. A ‘yes’ feels like an expansion of your heart energy. A ‘no’ feels like a contraction. Trust your heart’s intelligence!

heaven and earth tarot week ahead messages pile 2

Pile 2

A change in fortune is likely to make you feel like you have to protect some of your assets this week. Of course, this change in fortune could, for some of you, be caused by your own overspending. Still, it’s not too late to make amends, take stock of what bills still need to be paid and what you can sell or cut back on to pay them.

Then give yourself a fresh start when it comes to your finances. Things have been up and down for a while now. Think about how you can create greater stability for yourself. Past lessons will come in useful for this so don’t beat yourself up for how things have been. Instead, give thanks for what you have learned! Gratitude will quickly elevate your vibration and help you open up to new opportunities that can bring greater abundance.

heaven and earth tarot week ahead messages pile 3

Pile 3

Massive ENERGY ALERT! All three cards in your pile are from the Major Arcana which means some kind of spiritual initiation this week. And it’s all to do with personal power. The Aries Emperor is repeated as the quint for this pile (40/4 The Emperor). He is showing up to tell you that it’s time to step up to the plate and assume more of a leadership role.

Now is the time to take charge of using your gifts for the Highest Good to inspire hope and optimism in the world. This is what you came here to do. The good news is that you’re not meant to do it all on your own. You have a team of spirit helpers that you can turn to so start delegating tasks like the BOSS you were born to be!


Lisa Frideborg

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