Radleigh Valentine and Lisa Frideborg

Dear Rad,

I have been following and immensely enjoying your work with the Tarot for a few years now. Only a few months ago, I was looking forward to the publication of your Animal Tarot as well as smiling along during your appearance at the Hay House Angel Summit in London. The picture above is taken after your presentation at the Angel Summit. As you can see, I was over the moon to finally meet you in person.

I am writing this letter to you on the day of the Full Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces because I believe this is a good day for seeking clarity.

Both in the Tarot community and in the Christian fundamentalist community (see videos by Vigilant Christian and Steve Bancarz), many feel that Doreen Virtue has denounced her work with the Tarot. Yet you, Hay House and Doreen claim it isn’t so. I think the problem here is that once someone declares that they are a born again Bible-believing Christian, there is certain set of beliefs that everybody knows are associated with this type of Christianity. Hence when you make a public statement about something, even if it is made to sound as if it is just about personal preferences, it will be seen as public teaching or even preaching when it comes from an established Spiritual Teacher.

I pointed out in the comments section under Steve’s video interview that it was interesting that we both agreed on the word ‘denounced’ for what is happening here. I see that he has since change the wording in his commentary under the video to ‘renounced.’ I suppose it would look bad for him to agree with an apostate which is what he officially labels anyone who doesn’t live their life in obedience to Scripture. 🙂

Renounced or denounced doesn’t really matter here – the message is bigger than the actual words used and I know you can see this because you are good at reading patterns. That is why I hope you will be understanding of why this shift is creating waves in the community and perhaps help put our minds at ease by answering a few questions…

Question 1. Can you please explain how stating the Tarot is so off the menu now because of her faith that she cannot accept the revenue stream from this work is not a denunciation when done in a public way? The implicit understanding by those of us who come from a Christian background (especially those of us who were once of the Bible-believing variety) is of course that she now considers the Tarot Satanic. This becomes even more apparent when you bear in mind the deleted video from April where she talks about how her husband got her to watch videos of people with NDE’s being rescued from hell by Jesus. We know what type of Christianity this is because we have been there so we know that in spite of politics and money involved, she is denouncing her previous teachings out of fear.

Question 2. Can you please tell the world how you feel about continuing to work with the Angel Tarot system based on Doreen’s system of 15 Archangels which she has now also disowned? Again, the understanding we are left with after the recent video interview on Maui TV and the interview with Steve Bancarz is that she considers much of the work she previously channelled to be ‘lower energy.’ In the Steve Bancarz video she actually comes out and says ‘I guess the Christian word for lower energy would be demon.’ It is odd that she still has the FREE video series about Angel Card Readings up on her AngelTherapy.com site. This series obviously acts as a funnel for the CACR. The mixed messages aren’t helpful – Please clarify since you are both clearly working together.

Question 3. My Tarot colleagues and friends in the LBGTQ community would love to know how you feel about Doreen Virtue publicly praising the work of Steve Bancarz who is a fundamentalist Christian preaching against homosexuality.

Question 4. How long have you known that Doreen Virtue was going to make these public announcements? We are confused since she says the only reason the Animal Tarot still has her name on it is because it takes one year for Hay House to release a new publication. Yet, her ‘Mornings with the Lord’ book is out only days after the Animal Tarot. This does not fit with her Jan-Feb 2017 conversion story.

Question 5. For someone so well versed in Astrology and the Golden Dawn tradition, how come you chose to adopt Doreen Virtue’s system of Archangelic correspondences rather than roll with the Planetary rulers… and do you have any plans on abandoning the former for the latter now that we have been made to understand that this system has been rejected by its creatrix? I guess this ties in with question number two… and for me this is what baffles me the most. I guess I want to know that you are OK and that you still have faith in Love rather than in the kind of fear that now motivates the choices of the one who created the Archangelic system you are basing your Tarot teachings on. Do YOU believe that Doreen channelled Archangels, lower energy (demons) or that she just imagined it all?

ETA Question 6. You are teaching the Angel Intuitive course together with Doreen in Australia later this year. I guess what we all want to know is how is this even possible. You will be on stage with Doreen, teaching things that she has denounced as lower energy. Are you counting on everyone being completely ignorant?

ETA Question 7. How does Uriel feel about all this? She has denounced all angels except the Biblical ones, right? Hence, the logical conclusion is that she believes that the Archangel you work most closely with is a demon. Can you confirm this?




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  1. i am sad that first, she didn’t choose the goddess-oriented catholic faith which honors archangels and Mother Mary, the Immaculata, the mediatrix of graces! Protestant faiths all look down on adorationof Mary as idolatry!
    Personally, I have had miracles from praying the rosary and really working with Mary. I read an amazing chivalrous knightly Saint named Saint Maximilian Kolbe & I did the consecration to Mary & it changed my life. Utterly. So much grace. I feel that praying the rosary and working with Mary is a mystical experience. It is interior and very powerful. I still do tarot and love goddesses and fairies and See no conflict.

    Doreen has chosen a fundamentalist path instead of a mystical one, which is TOTALLY ironic since ALL of her earlier works are about mystical intuition!! Divine guidance was her book! But now, she denies all intuition and mystical experience for fundamentalism: Follow the words of a book. WORDS. That is fundamentalism. It doesn’t allow for the inner intuitive mystical truth!

    And to be honest, we know the bible was radically altered by patriarchal controlling leaders of at the council of Nicea. They omitted vegetarianism & past life info & more.
    For me, the true words of Christ are in the Essene gospel of peace, translated directly and secretly from the Vatican by Edmund Bordeaux Szekely. That is a true mystical work and speaks of Christs direct words on vegetarianism, fasting, working with the angels of earth, air and water. It is divine. (It is free online)

    So yes this is all sad and ironic.

    1. Hi Angela, Thanks for sharing about the grace of the Immaculata. I love Mary and have a deep and abiding admiration for Maximilian Kolbe whom I learned of at age 10. My studies of the canonization of Scripture made me realise that there was no way the Bible could be THE Word of God. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Yes! And that is so exciting to know you studied Saint Maximilian. Ah the graces of Mary! Lovely! And I will have to study more of what you said about the canonization of scripture. Let me know if you have any links. In any case, what is for sure is that the mystical path is gnostic and intuitive and inward by nature, whereas the parroting of words is intellectual and head-based and disconnected from the heart.
        And as you mentioned, I have to agree that Doreen’s sudden fundamentalism is becsuse her husband showed her these videos and she is simply afraid of going to hell.
        Another funny thing is that her vision of Christ with the heart rays is the divine mercy which was originally a vision by Saint Faustina, a catholic Saint! I just adore all of the Catholic saints like Saint Therese, padre pio, Saint Maximilian and others, and they were into mystical practices like devotion to Mary, the rosary prayer and meditation, not a fundamentalist bible-based intellectual scriptural reading of words.
        And it’s funny that Saint padre pio spoke to angels, said we all have a guardian angel, and he had the gift of prophecy, mediumship,and could read minds too. I find it funny when Christians are against all this when the saints themselves saw angels and had powers.
        Thank you for letting me put my thoughts here!

        1. I’m sorry I have no books to recommend. I read this massive book on the History of the Church in my late 20’s and it explained the canonization in-depth. It was a hugely political process and anything mystical or relating to the Divine Feminine was left out. It has served Patriarchy very well indeed… but the old must die now 🙂

  2. Thank you Lisa for raising the “Tarot” issue with Rad. I have said before that I am/was (?) a Rad fan – I hope he “stands tall” and engages with us (the people) = we don’t need a leader . . . we need a like minded friend. Sadly D V’s issues have divided a once very accepting / loving / gentle community. Formal / stagnant religion has divided communities for Centuries and the flow on continues . . .

  3. I hope this debate leads to more openness to each other thoughts in the ‘spiritual community’ and with you all good luck.

  4. I hope he responds as that would be very interesting to read. Not likely….but one can certainly hope. You are spot on in your questions and thought processes as always.

        1. I tweeted it to him and posted it in a comment under the daily draw for 5 September – a card speaking of authenticity. No reply. I know at least one other person tried to post it directly on his page but it didn’t make it past moderation.

  5. Exactly!
    Honestly, it feels like only those with an enquiring mind, a certain level of emotional intelligence and a modicum of critical analysis skills are struggling with this situation. Everyone else seems to be either comfortable with this massive whitewashing, or overjoyed that ‘the light has prevailed’ and DV is now on ‘their side’. I’m still not ok with this whole shenanigans, and am still trying to actually fully define my relationship with the Angels – and how I describe and market this, since its all kicked off.Also agree regarding issues with timeline and publication – it just doesn’t add up, and seems to have been going on in the background for a really long time. I actually wrote a private message to Hay House about this, the lack of accountability and total PR disaster of DV doing private interviews (some apparently quite hard – hitting), without any proper Hay House information (until it had basicially exploded online), and just had a super saccharine generic response regarding us all supporting DV in her transition. It so annoys me that we have almost been labelled ‘Lower energy’ ourselves, just because we have questioned this whole ‘about turn’. Its almost like Scientology – you’re either for them, or against them…
    I feel like my hands are tied – normally I would be shouting from the rafters about this – but if I am percieved to have no confidence in my Angel based quals, then neither will my present or future clients – it’s all about reputation – and I think they know this, this is why they are being able to get away with this lack of integrity.
    As a Pisces, under this Pisces Full Moon, I am not a happy Fishy!
    Thanks Lisa x

    1. One can also keep quiet, because one thinks and feels that it’s more important to try and think with one’s own mind 🙂 and not follow blindly someone else’s was of thinking.

      1. Sure, one can. I’m not sure what you are alluding to here though, Susann. Keeping entirely quiet would have been one thing – especially if this would have been accompanied by a severing of ties. However, there is an ongoing collaboration and there was video created to show support for Doreen where they reaffirmed that they were still ‘BFF’s’… so yeah… Nothing of substance was addressed and everything was neatly whitewashed.

        1. I was referring to ‘ only those with a …. mind …. are struggling with this situation’.
          If there is a need for spiritual teachers, there is a need for teachers that help people think and feel on there own feet and help themselves to do the same. I do not expect hayhouse to know about the invisible not do i expect that from someone else. I do appreciate one’s authentic attempt to share something about one’s own view on metaphysics.

          1. I’m sorry, I find the use of ‘one’ and ‘one’s’ confusing… I’m not sure what or whom you are hinting at for the last part of the latest comment either but I won’t try to guess this time 🙂

    2. “I am percieved to have no confidence in my Angel based quals, then neither will my present or future clients.” If it is not OK to question certain things, you are in the business of spiritual bypass and will only attract the kind of clients who are looking for that rather than deep healing.

      1. Yes – and that is the last thing I would ever want. The clients who have come to me in the past have been in real crisis, and the readings (with the Angels help) have been transformative. Which is why I haven’t done any readings or angel work since this happened. My work with women, Divine Feminine, and Red tent is deeply healing – I’m running another workshop this weekend for women affected by paternal abuse and its as raw as it gets. But I haven’t been able to pick up an angel deck since this whole thing. The whole situation feels so inauthentic, and I am struggling to express how I feel about it to others.
        I have very few people who I can talk to about this, as they just don’t feel the same way.
        I’ve been reading your blogs Lisa, and am so pleased that you have shifted so many blocks where all this is concerned. I just think its taking me longer.

        1. Hi Helen,

          I am so sorry about all of this for you, and I too was heavily affected about this back in April, when I realised what was going to happen in the long term, and I shifted my work completely away from the angels. As an ATP, CACR, Adv. CACR, CDI, PLH, RR, and Fairyologist, it was a lot to swallow having all of that money behind now useless qualifications. There was also the reputation that I had built up working with the angels, and as you said, the deeply transforming work that was possible due to the people this form of gentleness does attract.

          At the time, I was also told to just think for myself and to not mimic the teacher, but that’s not the point. I had my own ways and my own techniques, but the payment of funds and the certification, enabled you to teach with materials that had the reputation of one of the biggest new age authors in the world, so it carried weight. Or so I thought it would as in the end, you really do build your own business.

          I wish I had the answer, but I don’t, because I simply stepped back from all I had built and just worked with tarot and the stars. I still have yet to repair my relationship with the angels, but I don’t know if I ever will because to me, anything that supports someone like her, is not something I wish to work with.

          Since all of this has re-opened many of these old wounds, it has me back on the path of healing and the desire to serve others as I once did. Whilst I may not be able to embrace the angels as before, I have such strong bonds with other decks now that I know will bring about the same sense of gentle healing and strength that I achieved with the angel cards.

          Anyway, I just wanted to stop in and say that I do know how you are feeling and that I really, really hope this all works out well for you, and you are able to continue your healing work with your clients xo

          1. Dear Lillacwillow,
            Thank you so much for taking the time to send such a heartfelt and personal response. I truly appreciate you sharing in this way. I resonate with everything you have said. I know deep down that this situation will have eventually served us well, and we will all be in a better, stronger place – its just taken its time, and to be honest, has surprised me in its impact.
            Thank you once again.
            Helen x

          2. Dear lilacwillow, Much of what you have said resonates with me. I have listened to and taken the same training with DV as you. However, I want to leave you with this one thought dear one – do not let what has happened interfere or change your belief/work/thoughts in the Angels. Just as God and Jesus the Angels were here long before any of this situation came about and they will be around long after it’s over. Think always with your heart and you’ll know this to be true. Sending you Love,

  6. Dear Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Doreen Virtue’s conversion! I personally hold 2 DV certifications (Certified Angel Card Reader and Certified Fairyologist) that I have now renounced. I started distancing myself from Hay House’s spirituality about a year ago, after having realized that I was no longer progressing and that I needed to delve deeper. Though I appreciate what Hay House has taught me at the beginning of my journey, I decided to stop following HH authors and I eventually left both DV’s Fairyologist and Charles Virtue’s Angelic Coaching Facebook group. Last week I wrote a blog post in Italian about Louise Hay’s demise and Doreen Virtue’s conversion. You can see my blog post here: https://lanuovamespirituale.com/2017/08/31/tributo-a-louise-hay-quale-sara-il-futuro-della-comunita-spirituale-globale/
    It seems that practically no one has informed DV’s Italian followers about her conversion to the Episcopal Church, and I am feeling indignant about how MyLife, a company that promotes Hay House authors in Italy, is handling the matter.
    I’m curious as to Radleigh Valentine’s reponse!

    1. Dear Silvia, thank you so much for explaining to the Italian Spiritual community what is going on. I understand from another Italian friend that they have been left in the dark about what is happening. I will try to read your blog although my Italian is basic at best 🙂 Bacci! Lisa

      1. Hey Silvia, read it and would have left a comment for you on your blog but I couldn’t find a way of doing that. Great write-up and hopefully word will get out so that people understand what is going on, see the bigger pattern and start making empowered choices for themselves. 🙂 xx

        1. Thank you so much! You are right, I had to enable comments on my Blog Posts! This was my very first post and I generally disable comments for site pages 😛 It should work now! 🙂

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