mugwort magick

The Magic of Mugwort (with Tarot Spread)

mugwort magick

Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) is the herb perhaps most associated with witches, magick and sorcery. It has been used for healing and magical purposes since antiquity. The planetary correspondences are the Moon and Venus so it is a feminine herb. It belongs to the Element of Earth but is associated with Libra as well as Taurus due to the rulership of Venus. Artemis and Hecate are the corresponding goddesses. Today, we take a look at the benefits of working with this amazing herb, both for magical purposes and health benefits. I also share a Mugwort-inspired Tarot Spread.

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Two of the traditional uses of mugwort in magic (or magick) are scrying and dream incubation. A witch might brew herself a cup of mugwort tea before a scrying session. She might also keep some sprigs tucked into the frame of the scrying mirror. Scott Cunningham, author of several books on Wicca, recommends cleaning your crystal ball with a wash containing mugwort and keeping the herb sprinkled under the crystal ball when scrying.

As a fun aside, brewers used mugwort to flavour beer before the introduction of hops.

NB. As with all types of herbs, please proceed with caution and test for any sensitivity before using. Mugwort is not recommended for use during pregnancy, nursing or when trying to conceive. Carefully follow any dosage recommendations by the manufacturer.

Seven Ways to Incorporate Mugwort into Magic(k) and Rituals

  1. Dream Pillows: Stuff a small pillow or sachet with dried mugwort to promote vivid dreams, enhance psychic dreams, and aid in astral travel. Placing it under your pillow can help with dream recall and clarity. May also help you achieve lucid dreaming.
  2. Protection Amulets: Carry the herb with you or place it around your home to act as a protective amulet against negative energies and spirits.
  3. Smudging Rituals: Burn mugwort leaves as part of a smudging ritual to purify and cleanse your space of negative vibrations and to invite positive energy.
  4. Divination Practices: Incorporate the herb in tools used for divination such as tarot cards spread, crystal balls, or runes to enhance your intuitive abilities and clarity.
  5. Magical Baths: Add mugwort to your bath water, possibly combined with other herbs like lavender or rosemary, to prepare yourself spiritually before engaging in magical work or divination.
  6. Anointing Oils: Infuse oils with mugwort or create a blend with mugwort essential oil and carrier oil. Use for anointing candles, yourself, or objects to enhance their magical properties, particularly for spells related to dreams and psychic abilities.
  7. Witch’s Ladder: Craft a witch’s ladder using mugwort and other symbolic items like feathers and beads for spells. You can use the Witch’s Ladder for wishes, protection, or to bind negative energy away from you.

These practices leverage the potent magical properties of mugwort, aligning your spiritual activities with the energies of protection, dreams, and divination.

Seven Health Benefits of Mugwort

  1. Digestive Health: Mugwort has been traditionally used to relieve upset stomach, bloating, and indigestion. Its bitter properties stimulate digestive juices, enhancing digestion. Research Overview
  2. Menstrual Relief: It can help regulate menstrual cycles and alleviate cramps and symptoms of menopause due to its emmenagogue properties. Menstrual Relief Study
  3. Antioxidant Properties: It contains high levels of antioxidants, which help neutralise harmful free radicals in the body, thus preventing cellular damage. Antioxidant Activity
  4. Anti-Inflammatory Effects: The herb possesses anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce swelling and pain, particularly in conditions like arthritis. Inflammation Research
  5. Nervous System Support: Mugwort may have neuroprotective effects that might aid in preventing and treating neurological conditions. Neurological Support
  6. Antimicrobial and Antiviral Effects: It has shown potential in fighting against bacterial and viral infections, making it a valuable herb in the medicinal world. Antimicrobial Study
  7. Improves Sleep Quality: Being traditionally used in dream pillows for its mild sedative effects, mugwort can promote better sleep quality and relieve insomnia. Sleep Quality Discussion

These findings suggest that mugwort has multiple beneficial effects on health, though as with all herbs, it should be used with caution and proper guidance from health professionals.

The Mugwort Tarot Spread for Psychic Development

mugwort psychic development tarot spread

This Tarot spread lends inspiration from the magical properties of mugwort. It focuses on enhancing psychic abilities, deepening intuition, and fostering spiritual growth. Each position in the spread correlates with a specific aspect of psychic development, helping you to unlock and nurture your innate psychic potential.

Card Positions

  1. Current Intuitive State: This card reveals your current level of intuitive awareness and psychic sensitivity.
  2. Hidden Psychic Talents: Uncover latent psychic abilities that you may not be consciously aware of.
  3. Challenges/Blocks: Identify any obstacles hindering your psychic development.
  4. Dreams and the Subconscious: Explore what your subconscious mind is trying to communicate in Dreamtime about your psychic development.
  5. How to Improve Psychic Abilities: Practical advice or actions to strengthen your psychic skills.
  6. Herbal Ally: A card to represent how mugwort (or another herb if you feel drawn to it) can aid you in this journey. This card can suggest how to incorporate the herb into your practice.
  7. Future Potential: Insights into the future developments of your psychic abilities if you follow the guidance and make necessary adjustments.


Consider drinking a small cup of mugwort tea (if not contraindicated for you) before the reading. Alternatively, you can place a sprig of mugwort on your Tarot deck to cleanse and charge it with the herb’s psychic-enhancing energies. Many witches also keep a sprig of mugwort in the Tarot bag where they keep their deck.

Sample Mugwort Psychic Development Tarot Reading

psychic development tarot reading
The Gnostic Tarot

1. Current Intuitive State – Strength (Barbelo)

This card suggests that you are currently in a position of inner courage and resilience. Your intuitive strength is solid, and you can harness your inner power effectively. This state aids you in overcoming fears and maintaining a calm presence amidst challenges.

In the Gnostic Tarot, Barbelo represents Strength which is confusing since she carries the scales of justice and is in the position of the Justice card in the Smith Waite system. In this deck, we get the added layer of a need to embrace all that you are so that you can continue your development journey with ‘sensitivity, mindfulness, compassion and comprehension.’

2. Hidden Psychic Talents – Page of Wands (Seeker from Norea’s Journey)

The Page of Wands indicates untapped potential in the areas of enthusiasm and adventure. Your hidden psychic talents may involve the ability to easily connect with fresh insights and exciting new ideas. This card invites you to explore more spontaneous and dynamic ways to express your psychic intuition.

The Gnostic Tarot suit of Wands is represented by Norea’s Journey. In the guidebook, we learn, ‘(…)Norea will continue to turn darkness into light, fear into victory, and this ability is yours as well.’

3. Challenges/Blocks – 4 of Pentacles (Power from Simon’s Journey)

This card points to a resistance to change and a possibly overly cautious approach to your psychic development. There might be a fear of letting go of traditional ways of thinking or an excessive focus on material security. The challenge lies in opening up and being more vulnerable to allow spiritual growth.

Simon the Magician represents the Suit of Pentacles in the Gnostic Tarot. The title, ‘Power,’ follows the Thoth Tarot system. Here we get the message, ‘(…) let the world embrace you and your love for the craft’ which fits well with allowing yourself to be more vulnerable.

4. Dreams and the Subconscious – 7 of Wands (Valour from Norea’s Journey)

Reflecting on your subconscious dealings, the 7 of Wands indicates that you are often defending your positions or battling inner doubts in your dream state. This can signify your struggle with acknowledging your intuitive processes or even your psychic abilities.

Norea’s message in the Gnostic Tarot is that victory over doubts comes from standing for your values. In the card image, we see a female rising above her struggles, guided by an angel.

5. How to Improve Psychic Abilities – Knight of Cups (Defender from Sophia’s Journey)

To enhance your psychic skills, embrace the Knight of Cups’ energies by going on a journey of emotional and spiritual discovery. This card suggests leaning into your emotions, trusting your instincts, and approaching your psychic development with compassion and an open heart.

Here we have a card from Sophia’s Journey, the suit that corresponds with the Suit of Cups in a traditional Tarot deck. The message from the Gnostic Tarot is about the importance of sharing your gifts. Essentially, the more you share them, the more they increase.

6. Herbal Ally – 4 of Swords (Retreat from Christ’s Journey)

Associated with rest and recuperation, the 4 of Swords advises incorporating relaxation and perhaps meditation into your practice. Use mugwort to help in establishing peace and a clear mental state, essential for intuitive work and psychic development.

In the Gnostic Tarot, we see Christ in a meditation posture, mirroring the message above. The Suit of Swords corresponds with Christ’s Journey in this deck. The message in the guidebook reads: Tranquillity and silence are necessary tools for your challenges.

Future Potential – Knight of Wands (Defender from Norea’s Journey)

Your future potential in psychic development is dynamic and passionate, as indicated by the Knight of Wands. This card predicts a journey where your psychic abilities grow rapidly, fueled by your enthusiasm and courage to explore new realms of spiritual experiences.

Here, Norea brings a message about facing challenges head-on. Her journey is dynamic and yours will be too.


Aligning your practice with both the magical properties of mugwort and the insights from your Tarot reading can help deepen your understanding and enhance your psychic abilities. Consider the messages each card presents and how integrating mugwort could support each aspect of your psychic journey.

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