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Reid Tracy’s Customer Care Blunder

doreen virtue reid tracy customer care conspiracy

In our Facebook support group for people seeking refunds for Doreen Virtue’s courses, many of us have been passed from pillar to post and back again with regards to who is responsible for issuing refunds for Doreen’s courses. This was especially true about courses purchased from the AngelTherapy.com site where Hay House are listed as customer support.

In order to gain clarity about what was going on, I sent an email to Hay House CEO Reid Tracy:

letter to reid tracy

I got the following reply from Reid a few hours later (awfully decent of him to get back to me so quickly):

reply from Reid Tracy Hay House

As you can se above, I instantly forwarded receipts for my purchases from courses bought on the AngelTherapy.com site. Happy to finally bring this issue to conclusion… or so I thought. Imagine my surprise when I get the following curiously illiterate reply:

Hay House CEO Reid Tracy going back on his word

Minutes later I get an email from Melissa Brinkerhoff, Hay House customer care, backing Reid up:

Melissa Brinkerhoff backs Reid Tracy

Ms Brinkerhoff’s response is, as you can see, nonsensical in this context since she only refers to EarthAngel.com and not to AngelTherapy.com for whom Hay House are official customer care. I am not the only person in the support group who has been at the receiving end of this kind of confusing reply which does not address the issue.

Those of us who have bought courses through the AngelTherapy.com site and have tried to use their contact form are not even getting replies… and now this from Hay House. It is not looking good for either of the two parties that neither of them are wanting to be held accountable for refunds for these courses.

I let Reid Tracy know how I felt about it all after he told me it was a mistake and I could post about that in the support group:

reid tracy ceo big blunder hay house

Hay House either ARE customer support for AngelTherapy.com or they are not. The site itself lists them as customer support (there clearly is no OTHER customer support) and yet Hay House now refuse accountability after first CEO Reid Tracy giving his word that they would be held accountable.

Is this sort of behaviour OK from ANY large corporation? Certainly not. Is it OK in this instance when so many have lost so much because of Doreen Virtue’s reckless behaviour? People are hurting emotionally and in addition to that, many have suffered financial loss due to their certificates now being worthless.

I want Reid Tracy to know – This is not going away. There are many of us working together to make sure that is the case. We are watching all of you and we are recording everything until we can make sure you are held accountable. I would like to give a shout out to Patrick Smiley who works for Hay House customer care in the UK. He has been an absolute star in all of this. It seems that while the people on the top in Hay House have no clue about customer care, some of the regular office staff do.

In the eyes of us customers, because how deftly both parties are escaping accountability for purchases made on Doreen Virtue’s AngelTherapy.com site, it is starting to look a bit like a conspiracy with concomitant crazy-making. Conclusion: They are both bent.

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