spirit bells

Spirit Bells

Spirit Bells

Last night, I heard Spirit bells. The Spirit bells are a sign from God and they herald transformation. I’ve never heard them as loudly as I did last night. This ties in with the tsunami dream I had a few weeks ago.

Tick Tock

The sense of urgency is increasing. October will bring changes that are going to make it impossible for all but the most wittingly obtuse to understand that the implementation of the ‘New Normal‘ we see now is part of a much bigger agenda and has been planned for a very long time. The video below is a good summary/catch-up if you haven’t done your research yet.

I also recommend watching this YouTube video by Celeste Solum, which proves that the 200+ levels deep WEF COVID-19 platform was up and running before the ‘pandemic’ was announced.

Soulless Goons

The old world is being swept away by forces whose agenda is kind only to the rich and powerful people who have sold their soul in service to the Luciferian NWO One World Government. These soulless goons who now seek to control the population via AI and forced sterilisation in the form of the Gates-sponsored ‘cure’ which will allow us to move freely, work and travel once more.

If you observe what is happening in the different strata of power, you can see how these people all have each other’s backs AGAINST THE PEOPLE. Nevermore clearly has this been seen here in the U.K. than yesterday when Parliament voted to extend the draconian Coronavirus Act 2020, in spite of mass protests from those of us who actually know what this Act means.

I believe the spirit bells rang so that we could prepare for what’s to come on a spiritual level and collectively turn to God, now that the Beast rises to establish his New World Order via the WEF/UN/WHO/WBG Cabal.

Our Hope

We are not without hope. Our hope is Jesus Christ who has already conquered evil when he died on the cross for our sins and rose again from the dead on the third day.

Jesus Christ will soon return and though no man ‘knoweth the hour,’ we are all called to prepare for His return. The spirit bells brought a sense of urgency for me to do so, just as the ‘666’ x 3 message on my kitchen scales, three days before the lockdown, brought the revelation that the Beast was about to rise.

I don’t care how this message might make me appear to those who are of a more worldly mind. If it wakes up just one person and saves just one soul, or even plants just one seed of truth, I’m happy.

We Know How the Book Ends

Grab your Bible, people, and read chapters 24-25 in the Gospel of Matthew. All that is happening now has been foretold, as has the Grand Finale in the Book of Revelation. The good news is God wins but you have to ‘choose your side’ and not choosing equals choosing too. You can no longer sit on the fence. Ask God to reveal the Truth and He will. Your eternal life depends on it.

This shall all pass away and the Beast is having one last romp, seeking to take as many souls with him to hell as possible. I will do all I can to prevent that and use whatever gifts God chooses to bless me with for that purpose.

It would be safer sticking to the science (all truth is God’s truth), which also proves the Cabal are lying but I’m not a scientist and my calling has always been spiritual… So here we go – all in! Let the Spirit bells ring out loud and may we all wake up before it’s too late!