pick a leprechaun to unlock your abundance tarot readings

Pick a Leprechaun to Unlock Your Abundance

pick a leprechaun to unlock your abundance tarot readings

Happy Friday and Happy World Sleep Day (15 March), Angelorum fam! For today’s perennial pick-a-pile readings, we are looking at unlocking and clearing blocks to abundance. Since we’re only a couple of days away from St Patrick’s Day, I thought we’d go with an Irish theme today. So go ahead and pick a Leprechaun for what Spirit wants you to know about unlocking abundance today (whenever you come across this reading). We are working with the Universal Celtic Tarot for these readings.

As always with general readings, only take that which resonates.

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Leprechauns in Myth and Lore

Leprechauns are emblematic figures of Ireland’s rich cultural heritage. Often depicted as solitary creatures, these mythical beings are said to be fairies or diminutive cobblers, dressed in green coats, who indulge in mischief. They are most famously known for their hidden pots of gold at the end of the rainbow and their crafty nature, which they use to guard their treasures. The lore surrounding leprechauns is varied and extensive. Some stories describe their magical abilities to grant three wishes to any human who captures them or to vanish in a blink, leaving behind only a puff of smoke.

St. Patrick’s Day, a global celebration of Irish culture on March 17, has largely assimilated leprechauns into its festivities and iconography. These legendary creatures have become synonymous with the holiday. They embody the spirit of merriment and the notion of luck so often associated with the Irish. On St. Patrick’s Day, leprechaun imagery abounds. You will see them in themed costumes and on parade floats, as well as in the form of decorative trinkets. They represent the playful and enchanted side of the holiday. Their prominence during St. Patrick’s Day serves not only as an homage to Irish folklore but also as a beacon of enjoyment, helping to colour the day with imagination and fun.

two leprechauns from the universal celtic tarot

Working with Leprechauns

Some who honour the old ways consider leprechauns not as mere mythical entities but as real presences to be respected and even collaborated with—especially in matters related to protection and prosperity.

If you’re seeking to connect with the playful and prosperous energy of the leprechaun, here is a simple ritual that draws inspiration from Irish folklore:

Leprechaun Connection Ritual

Materials Needed:

  • A small plant pot
  • Soil
  • Clover seeds or a clover plant
  • A small green candle
  • A coin (preferably gold-coloured)
  • An offering (traditionally something like milk, honey, or bread)


  1. Prepare Your Space:

    • Choose a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
    • Smudge the area or simply visualise bright light filling the space, dispelling any negative energy.
  2. Set Up Your Altar:

    • Place your plant pot in the centre of your workspace.
    • Fill the pot with soil and plant the clover seeds or your clover plant. Clovers are associated with leprechauns and good fortune.
    • Set the green candle on the right side of the pot and the coin on the left to represent the leprechaun’s love for treasures and their natural element of earth.
  3. Light the Candle:

    • As you light the small green candle, focus on the flame and visualise the presence of the leprechaun. Green is the colour of growth, luck, and the leprechaun’s traditional garb.
  4. Make an Offering:

    • Place your offering next to the plant pot. As you do so, say aloud or in your heart: “Spirits of the Earth, playful leprechauns of lore, I come bearing gifts in hopes of learning and connecting more.”
  5. Sit in Meditation:

    • Sit comfortably in front of your setup, close your eyes, and take deep breaths.
    • Imagine a lush green landscape, rolling hills, ancient stones, and hidden rainbows, the realm of the leprechaun.
  6. Speak Your Intentions:

    • With respect and sincerity, speak your intention. It could be for guidance, protection, prosperity, or simply to honour their energy within your life.
  7. Listen and Feel:

    • Remain still, with an open heart, and listen for any messages or feelings. Leprechauns may communicate through intuition or signs.
  8. Closing Gratitude:

    • Whether you perceive a connection or not, thank the leprechaun spirit for its presence. Extinguish the candle safely and say: “Thank you, kind spirits, for your presence here, may this connection bring laughter, protection, and good cheer.”


  1. Leave the offerings out overnight, then dispose of them respectfully or in nature the following day.
  2. Care for the clover as it grows. It will serve as a living symbol of your connection to the leprechaun and as a charm for good fortune.

A. Leprechaun with Shamrock

1. Pot of Gold: Your Prosperity Potential – 7 of Wands

The 7 of Wands suggests that your prosperity potential is strong, but it won’t come without a fight. You’ll need to stand your ground and defend your ideas and achievements. Assertiveness is key; there may be competition or obstacles in your way, but you have the upper hand if you maintain your position with confidence and courage. Persistence will be your ally in turning potential into reality.

2. Rainbow’s Path: Steps to Your Success – Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands represents a powerful burst of energy, inspiration, and opportunity for new beginnings. It signifies that the steps to your success involve taking initiative and acting on the spark of creativity that you possess. Whether it’s a new business venture, project, or opportunity for growth, now is the time to take bold action. Harness this creative energy and let it fuel your journey towards success.

3. Leprechaun’s Message: Wisdom for the Journey – 6 of Pentacles

In your journey, the 6 of Pentacles brings the wisdom of balance and generosity. This card advises you to give as you receive and maintain harmony in your financial and material exchanges. Fairness and kindness will be pivotal as you navigate your successes. Sharing your wealth, not only in material terms but also by offering support and advice, will create a cycle of prosperity that benefits not just yourself, but those around you as well.

B. Leprechaun with Pipe and a Pint

1. Pot of Gold: Your Prosperity Potential – Page of Cups

The Page of Cups signals the presence of a budding opportunity that may bloom into your personal pot of gold. This card reflects a time when you’re overflowing with creative ideas and excited to explore emotional new ventures. Your prosperity potential lies in your willingness to embrace your inner artist and trust your intuition. Much like a leprechaun’s unexpected fortunes, look out for surprising, delightful opportunities that play to your emotional strengths and artistic talents.

2. Rainbow’s Path: Steps to Your Success – 2 of Pentacles

Balancing the practical with the whimsical is the message of the 2 of Pentacles. To navigate your path to success, you are encouraged to juggle your responsibilities while staying light on your feet. The steps you must take involve dynamic balance, adaptability, and managing your resources wisely. Financial prudence combined with fluid manoeuvrability will help you move forward without losing the creative spark of the Page of Cups.

3. Leprechaun’s Message: Wisdom for the Journey – 5 of Pentacles

The presence of the 5 of Pentacles in your reading may be a note of caution from the leprechaun’s world. Financial challenges or feelings of lack could be part of your journey. But don’t be disheartened—this message contains hidden wisdom. It reminds you to seek out support and to remember that wealth comes in many forms, not just material. Open your eyes to the resources and opportunities around you, which may not be immediately obvious. In times of hardship, the leprechaun whispers that the greatest abundance comes from within.

C. Leprechaun Sliding Down the Rainbow

leprechaun pick a pile tarot readings pile 3
Universal Celtic Tarot

1. Pot of Gold: Your Prosperity Potential – Ace of Cups

The presence of the Ace of Cups signifies a time of great emotional fulfilment and the potential for happiness in your life. Your prosperity lies in your ability to open your heart and embrace the love and all forms of connections coming your way. This card is a powerful omen that a new beginning in love, friendship, or happiness is upon you. This new beginning promises abundance and richness in your emotional endeavours. Let the overflowing cup of the Ace remind you that when you move with an open heart, prosperity often follows.

2. Rainbow’s Path: Steps to Your Success – 3 of Cups

The 3 of Cups encourages you to find success through collaboration, friendship, and joint ventures. The steps to your success are paved with celebration, unity, and social connections. Embrace community and networking, share your joys and achievements, and remember that collective endeavours can lead to mutual prosperity. Showing gratitude for your connections and rejoicing in joint accomplishments will not only deepen relationships but also help build the foundation of shared success.

3. Leprechaun’s Message: Wisdom for the Journey – Page of Cups

The Page of Cups offers youthful energy and the message to always keep your heart open to the unexpected flutters and whimsies of life. As you journey toward your abundance, be receptive to the messages from the subconscious, dreams, and the emotional realm. This card beckons you to stay curious and optimistic and to see the world with wonder. The leprechaun’s whisper here is that the purity of emotions like love and joy can be the true keys to your prosperity. These heartfelt vibrations can enrich your spirit beyond measure and guide you to your pot of gold.

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