7 Ways to Make the Most of the Aquarius Blue Moon

The Moon is full in the Zodiac sign of Aquarius at 11:42 AM BST and it is the second full moon in July, making it a ‘Blue Moon.’ Since 2012 we have had a few Blue Moons but this is the last until 2018, so let’s make the most of it!
To fully harness the power of a Blue Moon happening with so many planets currently retrograde, the main focus lies on spiritual transformation and even initiation.

The Totem Tarot Spread

Your totem animal is a spirit guide in animal form who is part of your spirit guide entourage for either a period of time (in connection with a specific life lesson) or your entire life (personal power animal). You can have more than one totem/power animal and they can change as you go through different developmental stages in life. Totem …

Astrological Tarot Spread – Scorpio Influences

Scorpio is all about transformation and metamorphosis, and the New Moon solar eclipse is all about letting go of anything that no longer serves us. This double whammy of transformational celestial influences is the perfect time to take a closer look at what needs to be transmuted and/or shed in our own lives. I have devised a simple (not easy!) …