all hallows eve tarot spread

An All Hallows’ Eve Tarot Spread and Reading

All Hallows' Eve

In my native Sweden, All Hallows’ Day celebrations begin the night before. Just as Christmas Eve, rather than Christmas Day, is the big day of celebration in Sweden, All Hallows’ Eve is when Swedes visit graveyards to place candles on the graves of departed family members.

In addition to honouring the saints and ancestors, this is also a wonderful time of year to take stock and release what no longer serves us. The final harvest is in, so it’s a time for pruning and letting go. This is also the time when nature shows us just how beautiful letting go can be.

All Hallows’ Eve Check-in

The other day, I came across this post (image below) on Going with Grace‘s Instagram and thought about how it would make such a perfect Tarot spread for this time of the year. The image was originally created by Bruja Tip on Instagram, as a mid-year check-in back in July.

As some of you know, this year has been a wild ride for me (and for so many of us). Thankfully, it is already paying dividends in terms of growth and insights gained. I am back to doing Tarot readings, with a better understanding of who I am and what I am for. I was curious if the Tarot cards would reflect these new insights…

All Hallow's Eve Tarot

All Hallows’ Eve Tarot Spread and Reading with the Robledo Tarot

All Hallows' Eve Tarot Spread and Reading

Who Was I and Who Am I?

Who was I at the beginning of 2020? (1) – 5 of Coins: Someone who was destabilised by her own past choices and actions. I didn’t realise at the time that I would have to spend a chunk of the year to revisit some lessons. This involved cognitive dissonance around the way I was earning a living. To summarise: I felt trapped, out in the cold and hemmed in.

Who am I now? (2) – 8 of Wands: Better integrated, with greater focus, stability and sense of direction, spiritually speaking.

What Did I Grow Out Of / Grow From?

What did I grow out of? (3) – 10 of Cups: The things that used to bring me happiness failed to do so. I felt like an outsider looking in on those who still revelled in them. I lost a community of people I used to see as ‘kindred spirits.’

What did I grow from? (4) – 9 of Wands: Life’s trials and tribulations, as well as affirming my own beliefs, which I had seen as less valid than everybody else’s somehow… I singled myself out and stood my ground, making lots of errors in the process but learning from all of them.

What Did I Move Through?

What I moved through emotionally (5) – 8 of Cups: My relationship with God became central. Other relationships became less important. I made room for my relationship with God and relearned how to rely on Him and His Word, rather than on my own understanding.

What I moved through physically (6) – 8 of Coins: My relationship with my body became a reflection of an increased sense of emotional stability. In some areas, my health improved. The downside was that I lost some of my natural flexibility. I now also see my body as mirroring the fact that a fixed set of beliefs that were not all entirely organic was making my mind rigid. Additionally, I also had to find a new way of earning a living which was more traditional and less creative than my previous work.

What I moved through spiritually (7) – Queen of Coins: This reflects that I learned to discern which of my spiritual beliefs and practices were actually useful, not just to me but in terms of the summum bonum. I ‘sobered up’ from some of my more fanciful New Age beliefs. I put roots down and found nourishment in a more traditional faith.

What Do I Need Support With?

What I need support with (8) – Queen of Wands: This Queen is showing up because I need support in not going too rigid and losing my creative fire. I see this Queen as St Brigid in that respect.

One way I’m harnessing support is picking my yoga practice back up, under the guidance of Lesley of Fightmaster Yoga on YouTube. I’m finding the hip openers particularly helpful. The hips are related to Sagittarius (visionary ability).

After six months of no yoga, it feels like heaven to get everything moving again and my creativity is returning with my flexibility!

What Am I Proud Of / Excited For?

What am I proud of? (9) – Knight of Cups: Proud might be the wrong word but I’m very happy that I chose to return to an intimate relationship with the Beloved and make that relationship the most important part. I still have a lot to learn and it’s all grace.

I’m a bit proud, I guess, that I chose to listen to my heart and not get stuck in a life-limiting Evangelical belief system, which would have made it impossible for me to return to the things I love, like yoga and the Tarot.

What am I excited for? (10) – The Hierophant: Interestingly, this is the only Major Arcana card in the whole spread. But it’s true, I am really excited for putting roots even deeper into the faith, and especially to learn more about Gnosticism, which seems more life-affirming to me than orthodox/traditional Christianity.

I am also excited for being able to teach what I learn as I go.

What Changed, Evolved and Transformed?

What changed? (11) – 7 of Cups: What mattered emotionally totally changed. It used to be very important for me to be right. Now, I’m much more concerned with my heart being right.

What evolved? (12) – 6 of Cups: I believe my understanding of emotional harmony has evolved. There is a better balance between the divine feminine and the divine masculine. I see this card as the emotional integration of these two balancing forces.

What transformed? (13) – 7 of Swords: I have much greater clarity of mind and a plan for where I am heading. I trust my inner guidance and know that through Christ, I can overcome any obstacles. My prayer life has been renewed and I don’t feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall when I’m praying.

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  1. I did this spread last night . It was excellent . It’s been a tough year but I can honestly say , I’ve grown leaps and bounds . Especially my self confidence and faith .
    I’ve lost many “ friends “ but I don’t care .
    The things I thought were important no longer are .
    Although it’s been the hardest year I’ve experienced since 2005 , I’m happier now .
    I thought having a relationship would make me happy . I now know that’s not true . I thought more money would make me happy . I realize , that’s not the case either .

    I’d attach a photo of the spread but I’m not sure how to do it on the website .

    Thanks for sharing . It was quite enlightening.

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