Sagittarius Full Moon Tarot Spread

sagittarius full moon tarot spread

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is fast approaching. We need a Tarot spread to help us make the most of it so I made the Sagittarius Full Moon Tarot Spread below.

When the Moon is Full in Sagittarius, it is always in opposition to the Sun in Gemini. So both the qualities of the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius come into play for this lunation. There is a push and pull between the friendly, chatty Gemini energy and the more philosophical and expansive Saggie energy.

Gemini is quite happy to gather information for the sake of facts. Gemini then typically disseminates those facts in the form of social media posts or a newspaper column. Saggitarius collects information for the purpose of wisdom and higher learning. If Gemini is the gossip columnist, Saggitarius is the author or editor.

Neither sign likes to sit still. But Gemini energy is the energy of moving about the local neighbourhood. Sagittarius dreams of travelling to far-flung places. Saggie constantly seeks new horizons–the further away, the better. And if those far-flung places are not physically available, Sagittarius won’t hesitate to use the mind for expansion into unknown territory.

Sagittarius Full Moon Magick

During the night when the Full Moon shines down on us, the Sagittarius energy gains prominence. So the nighttime is the best time for any Full Moon magick relating to Sagittarius topics. Alternatively, you may wish to use the hour of Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, for an extra boost. And if you invoke Angels, call on Sachiel/Zadkiel and the Angel of Temperance.

Sagittarius is ruled by the luck-bringer Jupiter, aka the Greater Benefic. So this is a beautiful, expansive and blessed Full Moon to work with for almost any intention but especially for goals relating to truth, justice, freedom, travel, wisdom, legal matters and spirituality.

Avoid focusing on goal-setting for very detail-oriented work or contractual obligations that tie you down.

Temperance is the Major Arcana card corresponding with Sagittarius. CLICK HERE for the other Tarot cards corresponding with Sagittarius.

Learn more about what and how to manifest on the Sagittarius Full Moon HERE. <— This post also shows you how to infuse your magick with Reiki and optimise the effect of working with the Law of Attraction for the Highest Good.

Sagittarius Full Moon Tarot Spread

sagittarius full moon tarot spread
  1. What area of my life is in need of a new vision?
  2. What is the vision that will move me forward?
  3. How can I turn this moving forward into an adventure?
  4. Who or what is my ally on this adventure?
  5. Where will it take me next?


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