Week Ahead Messages 24-30

Week Ahead Messages 24-30 September

Week Ahead Messages 24-30

Happy Friday, my friends! For this week’s FREE pick-a-card messages I’m working with an old friend who has had a bit of a make-over. I’m a huge fan of the Smith-Waite Tarot. In fact, Pamela Coleman Smith’s deck was my first Tarot deck love and now that I have the US Games borderless edition of this deck, I’m probably as close to Tarot perfection as I will ever get.

The only thing that could beat this for me is of Lo Scarabeo released a similar version of their more vividly coloured deck (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Though, apparently the Lo Scarabeo version is currently OOP and sneakily being replaced by a more traditionally coloured deck – Something I believe should be clearly stated wherever it is sold. Thanks Simon over at the Hermit’s Cave for letting us know about this!

We are back to using the Alchemy Stones with the Tarot for this week’s pick-a-card messages. For the general message I felt drawn to working with the Gilded Reverie Lenormand: Expanded Edition. Speaking of deck perfection – No other Lenormand deck comes close; This is the one I keep returning to and I guess that’s what happen when you find a deck that sings to you.

Please take a moment to relax, release any tension and centre your energy. It may be helpful to close your eyes for a minute and just gently use your breath to ground before allowing your gaze to be drawn to the right combination for you. If you are having a bit of an off day and finding it difficult to relax, you may wish to use a digital random number generator instead. I find that both methods work because the Cosmos does have our back and the principle of synchronicity isn’t abandoned just because we’re not operating on all cylinders.

General Spirit Guidance for the Week Ahead

Lenormand General Guidance for week of 24 September

Astrologically, this week some of us will no doubt start feeling the pre-shadow of the upcoming Venus Retrograde which happens 6 October. Now is a good time to prepare and get our ducks in a row. Don’t pencil in any important dates with a potential Mr/Ms right quite yet. Step on the brakes and truly get to know potential future romantic partners. All may not be as it seems.

Also, watch out for an ex unexpectedly popping back in. Think ‘closure’ rather than starting over if that is the case.

We also have a powerful Full Moon in Aries coming up on Tuesday. This is one to watch out for if you need a bit of extra oomph or courage to get going with something you have felt hesitant about due to doubting your own ability. Now is the time to set the intent and just go for it. If you need some Full Moon in Aries inspiration, why not try this Tarot spread? I wrote the linked post for last year’s Aries Full Moon but the spread itself is good for any year’s Full Moon in Aries.

What the Lenormand cards have to say about just going for any work-related projects that we are thinking about getting off the ground is ‘Absolutely, YES!’ However, they  also remind us to think long-term, to plan things out and really pay attention to details in doing so. Some aspect of what we want to achieve will require further study. And when i say ‘long-term’ I mean future generations… Because this is about your legacy.

Tarot & Alchemy Stone Week Ahead Messages Reveal

Week Ahead Tarot and Alchemy Stone messages 24-30 September

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 1

Salt with 10 of Swords is about feeling so torn in different directions that you are eaten up with anxiety about which path to choose. You could be feeling as if you have to choose between the plague and cholera, and that whatever you do, you just can’t win.

However, if you quieten the monkey chatter of your mind and create some space for a resolution to arise, you will soon find that there is viable way forward here. If you cannot manage this with your own mind power, now is probably a good time to turn to someone you trust for impartial advice.

The good news is that whatever you are facing can and will be resolved this week and the outcome will be nowhere near as bad as you fear it might be.

For the relationship: Only attempt important communication and problem-resolution with your partner if you can create a peaceful atmosphere where both parties feel heard. Misunderstandings are likely to occur but as long as you are aware of this and don’t act rashly, you should be able to resolve them quite quickly. Bite your tongue – especially during the Full Moon or you may regret some harsh words.

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 2

Moon with the Queen of Swords shows that you will be extremely receptive to the power of this upcoming Full Moon and also that you will not get emotionally pulled under by it. Instead you will be crowned by it and find an inner strength you may not even have been aware of.

You will find it relatively easy to tackle any challenges or problems that come your way this week because you have a clear intellectual and intuitive understanding of what is happening. You are also able to communicate clearly with others and bring harmony to any problematic situations or relationships.

For the relationship: A great week for problem resolution and establishing greater trust in the relationship.

You chose Alchemy Stone & Tarot card combination number 3

Fire with Ace of Wands brings the lyrics ‘putting out fire with gasoline’ to mind. Oh boy, watch out for that Aries Full Moon and what it’s doing to your own alchemical Fire levels. Things could very easily get out of control.

Seek balance. Raise your Water levels by seeking to be as compassionate as possible and listen to what others have to say. Also, don’t neglect your physical water levels. Remember to stay hydrated!

On the plus side, you will have an unlimited amount of oomph at your disposal. Now is the time to get shit done and if you still have energy to spare go for a long run or get yourself to the gym.

A great time for (passionate) new beginnings. Your confidence levels are being boosted.

For the relationship: Sex. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. And if you can’t have it with someone, you may need to find other ways of releasing pent-up sexual energy. Just be mindful of that lurking Venus Rx – Sex for one might be the better option at the moment, if you want to avoid future entanglements.




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