Radleigh Valentine and Lisa Frideborg

Open Letter to Radleigh Valentine

Radleigh Valentine and Lisa Frideborg

Dear Rad,

I have been following and immensely enjoying your work with the Tarot for a few years now. Only a few months ago, I was looking forward to the publication of your Animal Tarot as well as smiling along during your appearance at the Hay House Angel Summit in London. The picture above is taken after your presentation at the Angel Summit. As you can see, I was over the moon to finally meet you in person.

I am writing this letter to you on the day of the Full Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces because I believe this is a good day for seeking clarity.

Both in the Tarot community and in the Christian fundamentalist community (see videos by Vigilant Christian and Steve Bancarz), many feel that Doreen Virtue has denounced her work with the Tarot. Yet you, Hay House and Doreen claim it isn’t so. I think the problem here is that once someone declares that they are a born again Bible-believing Christian, there is certain set of beliefs that everybody knows are associated with this type of Christianity. Hence when you make a public statement about something, even if it is made to sound as if it is just about personal preferences, it will be seen as public teaching or even preaching when it comes from an established Spiritual Teacher.

I pointed out in the comments section under Steve’s video interview that it was interesting that we both agreed on the word ‘denounced’ for what is happening here. I see that he has since change the wording in his commentary under the video to ‘renounced.’ I suppose it would look bad for him to agree with an apostate which is what he officially labels anyone who doesn’t live their life in obedience to Scripture. 🙂

Renounced or denounced doesn’t really matter here – the message is bigger than the actual words used and I know you can see this because you are good at reading patterns. That is why I hope you will be understanding of why this shift is creating waves in the community and perhaps help put our minds at ease by answering a few questions…

Question 1. Can you please explain how stating the Tarot is so off the menu now because of her faith that she cannot accept the revenue stream from this work is not a denunciation when done in a public way? The implicit understanding by those of us who come from a Christian background (especially those of us who were once of the Bible-believing variety) is of course that she now considers the Tarot Satanic. This becomes even more apparent when you bear in mind the deleted video from April where she talks about how her husband got her to watch videos of people with NDE’s being rescued from hell by Jesus. We know what type of Christianity this is because we have been there so we know that in spite of politics and money involved, she is denouncing her previous teachings out of fear.

Question 2. Can you please tell the world how you feel about continuing to work with the Angel Tarot system based on Doreen’s system of 15 Archangels which she has now also disowned? Again, the understanding we are left with after the recent video interview on Maui TV and the interview with Steve Bancarz is that she considers much of the work she previously channelled to be ‘lower energy.’ In the Steve Bancarz video she actually comes out and says ‘I guess the Christian word for lower energy would be demon.’ It is odd that she still has the FREE video series about Angel Card Readings up on her AngelTherapy.com site. This series obviously acts as a funnel for the CACR. The mixed messages aren’t helpful – Please clarify since you are both clearly working together.

Question 3. My Tarot colleagues and friends in the LBGTQ community would love to know how you feel about Doreen Virtue publicly praising the work of Steve Bancarz who is a fundamentalist Christian preaching against homosexuality.

Question 4. How long have you known that Doreen Virtue was going to make these public announcements? We are confused since she says the only reason the Animal Tarot still has her name on it is because it takes one year for Hay House to release a new publication. Yet, her ‘Mornings with the Lord’ book is out only days after the Animal Tarot. This does not fit with her Jan-Feb 2017 conversion story.

Question 5. For someone so well versed in Astrology and the Golden Dawn tradition, how come you chose to adopt Doreen Virtue’s system of Archangelic correspondences rather than roll with the Planetary rulers… and do you have any plans on abandoning the former for the latter now that we have been made to understand that this system has been rejected by its creatrix? I guess this ties in with question number two… and for me this is what baffles me the most. I guess I want to know that you are OK and that you still have faith in Love rather than in the kind of fear that now motivates the choices of the one who created the Archangelic system you are basing your Tarot teachings on. Do YOU believe that Doreen channelled Archangels, lower energy (demons) or that she just imagined it all?

ETA Question 6. You are teaching the Angel Intuitive course together with Doreen in Australia later this year. I guess what we all want to know is how is this even possible. You will be on stage with Doreen, teaching things that she has denounced as lower energy. Are you counting on everyone being completely ignorant?

ETA Question 7. How does Uriel feel about all this? She has denounced all angels except the Biblical ones, right? Hence, the logical conclusion is that she believes that the Archangel you work most closely with is a demon. Can you confirm this?