runic dragon code 7 gebo

Dragon Code 7 Gebo

Dragon Code 7 Gebo

Gebo for Peace of Mind

Dragon Code 7, Gebo, is the rune of meaningful exchange and gift-giving. There are three main principles that make any exchange truly meaningful: respect, reciprocity, and generosity. The third principle is really what grants us peace of mind because it is what enables us to give without wanting anything in return. We know that what we give comes back to us one way or another, albeit not necessarily via the person receiving our gift. But that is still not why we give–We give for the joy of giving, from a heart overflowing with Fehu. This is how the sun gives. The sun shines on all, demanding nothing in return.

If we give our word, we must stay true to it, especially in relationships across the veil with unseen forces that can impact our fate. This is where respect comes in.

Reciprocity is the principle that helps us understand that a gift for a gift makes everything run more smoothly. And in intimate relationships, reciprocity is a must. Otherwise, one person in the relationship acts as a parasite or energy vampire on the other. This is the imbalance that creates a toxic relationship. Naturally, imbalances sometimes occur due to ill health or unforeseen disasters but that is a different matter.

Gebo is associated with the heart chakra and homeostasis. Everything must be in an even flow of exchange on a cellular level in order for us to maintain our health and wellbeing. An awareness of the Gebo energy, helps us stay in harmony, both internally and with the world around us. Harmony is a prerequisite for peace.

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Gebo for Prosperity

For people who have giving as their superpower, abundance comes very easily. Abundance flows steadily into the life of a glad giver since this is Universal Law. A glad giver is always blessed with a return that is sometimes threefold of what he gave. This is because the intent behind the gift also counts. The intent spreads in the Universe like rings on water, attracting more prosperity and all that is good to the giver.

Sadly, the ability to give with a glad heart is atrophied in many of us. This is especially true of those who constantly worry about money. Often, the people who worry the most lack nothing materially. So yes, it is entirely possible to achieve the status of wealth without being a glad giver. But is someone who is constantly worrying about money even when they have more than enough truly abundant?

Flex your heart. Challenge yourself to start a new giving habit and watch it transform your life.

Gebo for Personal Power

In any exchange of energy with another living being, there is a need for sound personal boundaries. These come from knowing ourselves and being able to monitor the reciprocal flow of energy based on that deep self-knowledge. When someone literally ‘taketh the piss’ we owe it to ourselves to shut that down. Sometimes it is just about realising that ‘No’ is a complete sentence when your neighbour comes around ‘borrowing’ a tenner for the umpteenth time with no intention whatsoever of paying you back. You’re actually doing the moocher a favour too by shutting the mooching down. They may realise that they too need to contribute in order to receive and that respectful exchange is the foundation of a well-functioning society.

Personal power Gebo-style is about cultivating harmonious relationships where you do not allow your personal boundaries to be trampled. Oneness is not a license for abuse by takers. There is no need to justify enforcing boundaries because simply aligning with the energy of Gebo does that for you.

Personal power Gebo-style is also about taking charge of and assuming complete responsibility for the harmony of our mental-emotional health as well as the homeostasis of our physical body. For instance, a self-empowering move can be to quit a substance use that we realise is having a negative impact. But it can be as simple as maintaining proper hydration levels or stopping over-eating/introducing intermittent fasting.

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