Tarot Card Meanings for a General Daily Draw

78 Tarot Friends for your Daily Draw

The Tarot cards have many different meanings and what advice they offer depends almost entirely on the question. An example of this would be the Star card, which is generally seen as ‘The Wish Card,’ so if you are asking if your wish would come true, this card showing up would always mean ‘Yes!’ But The Star can also mean overgiving, humanitarian pursuits, faith, groups of people, technology, friendship, hope, transparency, innovation, detachment… The possibilities are almost endless if you also take into account that the individual meaning of a card is modified not only by the question but by surrounding cards and positional meanings.

However, just for now, let’s keep it super simple. When you do a one-card draw, you have the luxury of doing just that.

For the purpose of this post, I want to tune into the kind of advice the cards might give to someone reading for themself when they pull just one card for the question ‘What do I need to know right now?’

General, friendly guidance from each of the 78 Keys

Major Arcana

The Fool – Explore and leap without fear.
The Magician – You are gifted. Act now.
The High Priestess – Rest receptively in peaceful silence.
The Empress – Nourish your creative flow.
The Emperor – Empower yourself by getting organised.
The Hierophant – Honour tradition for greater stability.
The Lovers – Make a heart-aligned choice now.
The Chariot – Take charge and move forward.
Strength – Your inner gremlin needs compassion.
The Hermit – Curl up with a good book.
The Wheel of Fortune – Move in the direction of where your energy expands.
Justice – Bring your energy into harmony and be fair.
The Hanged Man – Change your perspective.
Death – Let go and embrace the unknown.
Temperance – Just enough is a good thing.
The Devil – Unchain yourself from mental slavery.
The Tower – Own your anger and go for a run.
The Star – Reach out and connect with a friend.
The Moon – Do dreamwork.
The Sun – You are enough – Shine your light!
Judgement – Make one choice to better align with your life purpose.
The World – One cycle ends, prepare for the next.

Suit of Wands

Ace of Wands – Seek inspiration and act on it.
2 of Wands – Consider a collaboration.
3 of Wands – Increase your social network.
4 of Wands – Find something to celebrate today.
5 of Wands – Stop comparing yourself to others.
6 of Wands – Enjoy well-deserved recognition.
7 of Wands – Stand your ground.
8 of Wands – Focus to avoid haste or waste of energy.
9 of Wands – Relax your defenses – you’ve got this!
10 of Wands – Just a bit further to go… Push on!
Page of Wands – Boost your mojo with sensual pleasures.
Knight of Wands – Plan your next big adventure.
Queen of Wands – Your charisma gets you what you want.
King of Wands – Allow your vision to inspire others.

Suit of Cups

Ace of Cups – Open your heart and let love in.
2 of Cups – It is safe to love.
3 of Cups – Celebrate love all around you.
4 of Cups – Focus on the possibilities.
5 of Cups – Allow yourself to grieve.
6 of Cups – The past is making itself known.
7 of Cups – Confusion has to be cleared before moving forward.
8 of Cups – It is time to move to higher ground.
9 of Cups – Gratitude for little things increases abundance.
10 of Cups – Your friends and family are your greatest wealth/’wellth.’
Page of Cups – Allow yourself to daydream and fantasise.
Knight of Cups – Wear your heart on your sleeve.
Queen of Cups – Listen with empathy.
King of Cups – Compassion is your strength.

Suit of Swords

Ace of Swords – Yes, take that new idea and run with it!
2 of Swords – Indecision is overcome by using the eyes of your heart.
3 of Swords – No, you didn’t deserve this but you can learn from it.
4 of Swords – Time for a break. Prioritise R&R.
5 of Swords – Cut your losses.
6 of Swords – Objective input will resolve this issue.
7 of Swords – Truth is your greatest ally.
8 of Swords – Overcome analysis paralysis with acceptance and mindfulness.
9 of Swords – Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.
10 of Swords – Do not despair – No way to go now but up!
Page of Swords – Ask the right questions now.
Knight of Swords – You are persuasive, no need to be overbearing.
Queen of Swords – You have the power to nurture with your words.
King of Swords – Detached decision-making is your forte.

Suit of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles – Be the gift you wish to receive.
2 of Pentacles – Make a positive career move.
3 of Pentacles – Help others shine.
4 of Pentacles – Save money by spending less.
5 of Pentacles – It is OK to ask for help.
6 of Pentacles – It is more blessed to give than to receive.
7 of Pentacles – Patience is needed.
8 of Pentacles – Hone your skills.
9 of Pentacles – Give thanks for your many blessings.
10 of Pentacles – Build your legacy for future generations.
Page of Pentacles – Study something new.
Knight of Pentacles – Work is its own reward.
Queen of Pentacles – Your warmth attracts those in need.
King of Pentacles – You are a good steward.

These simple phrases take on greater significance if you allow yourself to mull the advice of the card you pulled over in the context of what is happening in your own life. You will also get more out of your daily draw if you journal your findings.

Blessed be!


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