4/4 Portal Info and Tarot Spread

What Is the 4/4 Portal All About? (with Tarot Spread)

4/4 Portal Info and Tarot Spread

The 4/4 portal, occurring on April 4th, is a significant date for energetic alignment and transformation. This date is sometimes referred to as an ‘angel number’ portal, due to the repetition of the number four, which carries the vibrations and influences of the angelic realm as well as with the Queen of Angels, Divine Mother. Here is an exploration of the energetic and spiritual significance attributed to the 4/4 portal.

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As you can see in today’s daily guidance video, the card of the day is another 4 energy card, The Emperor, potentially making this a 4-4-4 portal day if you feel the message resonates.

Because the 4/4 portal always happens in Aries Season, it feels extra significant that the main Aries energy card in the pack shows up to guide us today. The card that showed up yesterday, 3 of Wands (Sun in Aries) also emphasised the need to make the most of the current Aries Season energies for stability and self-empowerment. And, of course, we are coming up to a New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse on Monday, 8/4. With the North Node currently in Aries and the 4/4 Portal happening in Eclipse Season, should we be surprised that The Emperor graces us with his presence?

You can find Tarot Journaling Prompts for The Emperor HERE and for the 3 of Wands HERE.

The Spiritual Significance of the 4/4 Portal

A Gateway to Higher Energies

The 4/4 portal is a powerful time for receiving higher frequencies of energy from the universe. These energies can facilitate personal and collective awakenings, providing an opportunity for us to connect with our higher selves and beings residing in the higher realms of consciousness, as well as pursue our purpose with renewed vigour.

Amplification of Angelic Presence

The number 4 is associated with the presence of angels in numerology. Therefore, the 4/4 portal is sometimes seen as a period when angelic guidance and support are more readily available, encouraging individuals to seek out and listen to divine messages for direction and comfort. When was the last time you had a chat with your Guardian Angel? Today might be a good time to check in!

Foundations and Stability

In numerological terms, the number 4 represents stability and structure. The 4/4 portal serves as a reminder to focus on building a solid foundation in both the spiritual and material aspects of life, urging a balance that facilitates sustained growth and well-being. Is there anybody who knows more about creating stability than the 4th Arcanum, The Emperor?

Manifestation of Intentions

The energetic atmosphere of the 4/4 portal is ripe for manifesting intentions. It is a time when the gap between thought and reality can narrow, allowing individuals to focus their intentions and bring them into existence with greater ease.

Collective Consciousness and Unity

The 4/4 portal is also viewed as a moment when the collective consciousness is heightened. It’s a call for unity and the nurturing of connections with others, recognising that everyone is part of a larger, interconnected whole. Check out one of the mass meditations taking place globally today. If you come here on any other date, you can still access the portal energy through intent.

Personal Discovery and Growth

The intensified energies during the 4/4 portal can lead to personal revelations and the discovery of latent potential. You can use this time for self-reflection, allowing for a deeper understanding of your path and the obstacles that you need to overcome.

Navigating the 4/4 Portal

Engaging with the 4/4 portal might entail various activities that align with its energies, such as:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness: Foster a deeper connection with the spiritual realm and your inner self.
  • Affirmations and Intentions: Set clear intentions for what you wish to manifest and reinforce them through positive affirmations.
  • Community and Sharing: Join others in celebration, through group meditations or sharing circles, to amplify the collective energy.
  • Gratitude Practices: Acknowledge the blessings in your life, thus attracting more of what you are grateful for.
  • Creative Expression: Use creative outlets to channel the portal’s energies into something tangible and personally meaningful.
  • Do a 4/4 Portal Tarot Reading: Use the 4/4 Portal Tarot Spread below and set the intent to connect with the guidance of your Higher Self for a more embodied presence on Earth at this time of great change.

While the 4/4 resides in the realm of New Age spirituality and mysticism, for those who do observe it, the date represents a powerful opportunity for transformation, re-alignment, and the strengthening of personal and collective spiritual journeys. Tapping into this energy can allow for profound shifts and progress on our spiritual path.

The 4/4 Portal Tarot Spread

4/4 Portal Tarot Spread
  1. Higher Self Connection: What message does my Higher Self have for me on this 4/4 portal?
  2. Energetic Alignment: In what area of my life is the energy of transformation most accessible today?
  3. Angelic Guidance: How can I open myself up to receive guidance from the angelic realm?
  4. Stability and Structure: What steps can I take to build a more stable and structured foundation in my life?
  5. Manifestation: Which of my intentions is ready to be brought into physical reality?
  6. Unity with the Collective: In what way can I contribute to the collective consciousness at this time?
  7. Embodying Change: How can I best embody the changes that are occurring within and around me?

Shuffle your deck while focusing on the energies of the 4/4 portal and your intention to connect with your Higher Self. Use the layout above and draw a card for each position. Reflect on each card, as well as the bigger picture, and record your insights and feelings that arise. Trust that the messages you receive are meant to guide and support you through this period of great change.

Sample 4/4 Portal Tarot Reading

sample 44 portal tarot reading with the quantum tarot version 2
Quantum Tarot v. 2.0

Higher Self Connection: 4 of Cups

The 4 of Cups emerges, which interestingly echoes the number 4, integral to the 4/4 portal itself. This card may signify a message from your Higher Self about re-evaluating your current emotional state. Otherwise, apathy or distraction might obscure the opportunities for transformation. It suggests that there’s a need to become more mindful of the gifts the universe is offering you, which aligns with the portal’s theme of renewed spiritual insight.

Energetic Alignment: 2 of Cups

The 2 of Cups indicates that energetic alignment may currently be most accessible in the realm of relationships—whether they are romantic, platonic, or business partnerships. This period is ideal for creating harmonious connections and mutually beneficial bonds that reinforce the individual and collective journey of spiritual and emotional growth.

Angelic Guidance: 7 of Pentacles

The 7 of Pentacles reflects patience and long-term planning. Angelic guidance seems to be emphasising the value of persistence and evaluating the progress you’ve made on your path. It’s a message to assess your efforts and perhaps adjust your strategies to continue towards your goals.

Stability and Structure: The High Priestess

Drawing The High Priestess for stability and structure is an invitation to trust your intuition and the wisdom that lies within. It’s a call to balance the seen and unseen aspects of your life, suggesting that creating a stable foundation might require you to look beyond the material realm and tap into the mystical or hidden knowledge that you possess.

Manifestation: Ace of Wands

With the Ace of Wands, the Tarot signals a powerful potential for new beginnings regarding your intentions. This card speaks to the manifesting energy of the 4/4 portal, urging you to take decisive action on ideas or projects that spark your passion. It’s a clear sign that the energy is ripe for bringing forth your visions into the world.

Unity with the Collective: 6 of Pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles is a reminder of the importance of balance in giving and receiving within the collective. This card may reveal the ways you can contribute to the unity of all by sharing your resources, knowledge, or support with those around you. It’s a nod to the notion of communal responsibility and the sharing of abundance.

Embodying Change: 2 of Swords

The appearance of the 2 of Swords suggests that embodying change might involve a decision or a choice that you’ve been avoiding. This card asks you to confront the crossroads you face, remove the blindfolds of denial or indecision, and choose the path forward with clarity and peace of mind.

This sample reading through the lens of the 4/4 portal taps into the transformative energy associated with this time. Each card drawn parallels the portal’s themes. Reflect on these interpretations as you navigate this potent period of your spiritual path.

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