your iconic self tarot spread

Your Iconic Self Tarot Spread

your iconic self tarot spread

You are iconic and if you don’t think you are, it’s only because you’ve put some other part of your little self in the driver’s seat. You are iconic because there is only one of you–One unique and eternal aspect of Spirit shines through you. I created the ‘Your Iconic Self Tarot Spread’ to help you remove everything that is occluding that aspect from shining through.

“You are the main character in your story, remember this. You are the architect of your own happiness.”

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But before we settle down with the Iconic Self Tarot Spread, we need to understand the concept of the daemon. The daemon is essentially that iconic self that is hiding behind the personality parts of yourself, yet slowly guiding you toward your North Node destiny. So once we have gained clarity about the daemon, also known as the ‘part of spirit,’ we will also quickly brush up on the role of the North Node.

Your Daemonic Iconic Self

In Hellenistic Astrology, the concept of the daemon, or the ‘part of spirit,’ is an integral component of an individual’s birth chart and, by extension, their personality. The daemon represents an individual’s guiding spirit or soul, which parallels the notion of a personal guardian angel or a higher self in various philosophical and religious traditions. As the instinctual force that drives an individual towards their fate and purpose, the daemon is deeply connected to one’s true nature and life path.

The daemon in Hellenistic thought serves as a bridge between the material and divine realms, intimating a person’s divine mission or vocation.

How to Find Your Daemon

You can calculate the part of spirit within the context using a specific formula that takes into account the positions of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (the rising sign) at the time of birth. I’m no maths genius so, thankfully, there is an easy way to do this. Go to and choose the Hellenistic chart model in the extended chart drawing section. It will display your daemon in the chart under the title ‘spirit.’

Your Inner Voice

In practice, the daemon manifests as an inner voice or intuitive knowing, guiding individuals towards experiences and choices that align with their core being and purpose. If we fail to listen to this voice, we do so at our peril. The daemon can be thought of as the part of the personality that transcends ego and earthly concerns, operating on a level of higher wisdom and spiritual insight.

The Role of the North Node

In astrology, the North Node of the Moon is not a celestial body but a point that represents the intersection between the orbit of the moon and the ecliptic (the sun’s apparent path through the sky). Its position in a person’s natal chart is highly significant, as it indicates one’s soul mission or karmic direction in life. It shows us the qualities we need to develop and the life path we are encouraged to follow to grow spiritually. Unlike the South Node, which points to past life tendencies and innate skills, the North Node pushes us out of our comfort zone towards growth and evolution.

The North Node’s sign and house position in the birth chart reflect potential areas of challenge and ultimate fulfilment. When a person actively works with the energy of their North Node, they may feel a sense of purpose and direction, as if they are on their true path. It often requires letting go of familiar but unproductive patterns exemplified by the opposite point, the South Node. The lessons of the North Node are not easy, requiring effort and perseverance. However, these lessons are essential for our evolution and fulfilment of our destiny. Understanding our North Node is also what enables us to make a positive contribution to the collective.

Ideally, before you proceed with the Tarot spread below, you will identify your daemon and North Node in your natal chart. This will add layers of interpretation to your reading. However, you can still use the spread below, based on the information in this post.

Your Iconic Self Tarot Spread

your iconic self tarot spread

Be warned: Acting on the guidance in this spread will shift you from your current timeline!

1. My Daemon:
This card represents the guiding spirit or soul within you. It reveals the intuitive force that drives your destiny and deeply connects with your genuine nature.

2. My North Node:
This card illuminates the lessons and challenges meant to propel you into growth. It reflects your destiny and the qualities you are encouraged to develop throughout your life.

3. How to Shine My Light:
Uncover a unique trait of your core being that is meant to be recognised and embraced for you to stand out as your iconic self.

4. Layer to Unpeel:
Identify the barriers or false masks you have consciously or subconsciously adopted that are hindering the expression of your authentic, iconic self.

5. Action Advice for Fulfilling My Life Purpose:
This card offers specific guidance on steps to take or an action to consider to align with your North Node, aiding you to fulfil your soul mission and life purpose.

6. How to Attune to My Daemon’s Voice:
Discover how to better listen and attune to that inner voice or intuitive knowing your daemon speaks with, aiding you on your journey.

7. Integration of My Iconic Self in Daily Life:
This card suggests a practical way you can embody and express your iconic self in your day-to-day experiences, ensuring that you live authentically and with purpose.

Sample Reading with the Universal Celtic Tarot

your iconic self sample reading with the universal celtic tarot
Universal Celtic Tarot

1. My Daemon: Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles in the place of your daemon suggests reliability, diligence, and a steady approach to life. Your spirit guide is encouraging you to persevere and be thorough in your endeavours. It symbolises a guardian that motivates you towards hard work and reassures you that persistence will pay off. The practical nature of your daemon will help you manifest your destiny through consistent efforts and a grounded attitude.

2. My North Node: Ten of Swords

Drawing the Ten of Swords for your North Node indicates that your life lessons involve embracing the end of a difficult phase and the readiness to start fresh. This card symbolises that it’s time to let go of old wounds or feelings of victimhood that may be holding you back. Your growth lies in rising above betrayals or negative thinking. Understand that these experiences are part of your spiritual evolution.

3. How to Shine My Light: King of Wands

With the King of Wands representing how you can shine your light, it denotes that embracing a charismatic and bold approach will help you stand out. You are encouraged to step into a leadership role, using your creativity and enthusiasm to influence and inspire others. Your core being flourishes when you act with confidence and show your ability to vision big and take charge.

4. Layer to Unpeel: The Star

The Star card is a sign of hope and spiritual peace. It suggests that to reveal your iconic self, you need to peel back layers of cynicism or despair. Let go of any pessimism that dims your light, and trust in the universe’s plan for you. This card encourages you to reconnect with your sense of optimism. Have faith in your higher purpose and the path that lies before you.

5. Action Advice for Fulfilling My Life Purpose: The Lovers

The Lovers card advises that making choices in alignment with your true self is key to fulfilling your life purpose. This can relate to relationships, values, or major life decisions. It may involve a significant choice that defines who you are. The card encourages integrating your beliefs and values into your actions. You need to carefully consider the harmony between your heart’s desires and your spiritual path.

6. How to Attune to My Daemon’s Voice: Three of Pentacles

The Three of Pentacles in this position suggests that collaboration and teamwork are pivotal in attuning to your daemon’s voice. Acknowledge your daemon in prayer and meditation daily. Practise taking practical guidance from your daemon. Build confidence by working diligently on the little things first.

7. Integration of My Iconic Self in Daily Life: Ten of Wands

The Ten of Wands warns of the burden of taking on too much, which can hinder the embodiment of your iconic self. To live authentically, you must learn to prioritise yourself as the main character in your life. Ensure that you’re not carrying the weight of unnecessary obligations. Focus on what truly aligns with your purpose and delegate the rest.

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