myths and symbols

Unlock the Power of Myths and Symbols in the Tarot

myths and symbols

The Tarot is an emblem of the power of myths and symbols. There are almost no limits to what you can do with a deck of Tarot cards. Why? Because within a Tarot deck, you find a sort of shorthand for the language of the soul which also happens to be the language of universal consciousness.

Let us not kid ourselves. The education system does not teach our children the true value of the myths and symbols that are the heritage of humanity. But those in power sure do know the value. They use it in all the secret societies of those who believe they are more powerful than you and I. But they are not more powerful. They have just been taught to tap into the power source via archetypes, myths and symbols. And that, my friend, is something we can all do.

How the Elites Use Myths and Symbols

Before we talk some more about how to tap into this power via the Tarot cards, I want to draw your attention to two practices that the elites have always engaged in, yet denied ordinary folks access to.

  1. They keep a careful account of their bloodline and forbears. Those with accounts dating back to antediluvian times may have non-homo sapiens sapiens ancestors in their records, perhaps even ETs. Through their appointed priesthood, they work with the power of this knowledge in various ways. Those initiated into these mysteries are so on pain of death.
  2. They use power symbols, often displayed in the form of heraldry. These symbols are always esoteric in nature. Yet they make sure that the rest of us fear working with them, turning them into something occult and ‘evil’ with the help of the outward-facing (exoteric) priesthood of official religions.

How We Can Harness the Power of Myths and Symbols

So while it may not be possible for us ordinary folks to recreate family records that date back more than a few hundred years at best, we can learn to look at our roots with different eyes. We can understand that history, as we have been taught it in school does not hold (flood) water. It is also possible to do past life regression and engage in other trans/hypnotic practices that enable us to remember the truth.

When it comes to the power of symbols, we can learn to work with power symbols and even create our own psychic shield that way. Whether we wish to display it to the world around us in the form of heraldry/coat of arms or not, this is an extremely powerful energetic practice.

Harnessing the Power of the Tarot

There are many ways to harness the power of myths and symbols in the Tarot. Below, I cover three less obvious ways of harnessing Tarot symbolism which you may not have encountered before. These are ways that treat the Tarot as the vast container of power and wisdom that it is rather than as a mere tool for telling fortunes.

1. Your Tarot Birth Cards

Working with your Tarot Birth Cards can be a substitute for not knowing your ancestry or bloodline. That is because you are dialled into your cosmic family and oversoul via your birthday numerology.

You can use your Tarot Birth Cards as inspiration for…

2. Correcting Elemental Imbalances

Working with the Suit or Major Arcana cards that represent the weakest Element in your Natal Chart can help correct any imbalances. For instance, my chart is extremely low on Fire. My motivation and energy levels tend to flag quickly because of this, making completing projects very difficult.

In my case, I would turn to the Suit of Wands for inspiration. The Queen of Wands is my go-to but I could create affirmations for any of the cards in that suit that speak to me. Or I could go to the Major Arcana and pick out the Sun card to meditate with to raise some internal Fire.

3. Use the Power of Tarot Symbols for Setting Intentions

Here is a simple process you can use to harness the power of Tarot symbolism:

  1. Think about what it is you wish to achieve or release.
  2. Go through your Tarot deck and find the card with the symbolic imagery that best represents your intention.
  3. Meditate with the card and allow yourself to become infused with its symbolism and vibration.
  4. Make a declaration. This is different to an affirmation. It is a powerful statement that you make only once and seal with ‘So be it and so it is!’ If you wish, you can also write your declaration down and place it on your altar next to your chosen card.
  5. Optional: Do the Intention-setting Tarot Spread

I hope you found some inspiration and empowerment through my words today. Let me know in the comments which way of working with the cards to empower yourself seems the most useful right now!


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