Your 5 Personal Angels Tarot Spread


One of the main reasons why I have been drawn to work with angels again lately is because of the feel-good factor.  Whenever I long for more serenity and less stress, I reach for the comforting presence of angels. And while on the topic of angels a friend recommended the Angel Almanac by Angela McGerr, a wonderful introduction for working with the angels every day of the year.

 I felt deep joy as soon as I picked this book up and started reading it yesterday. My morning didn’t get off to a great start as I woke up feeling under the weather and in need of a break from work. I have been working very long hours the last few weeks and it finally caught up with me.

However, after a day reading and trying a couple of angel meditations, I feel my batteries recharged and I also felt inspired to create a tarot spread based on the personal angels. According to Angela McGerr, we have 5 personal angels:

My personal guardian angel came to me about 8 years ago when I was resting on my bed one afternoon during my youngest daughter’s afternoon nap. He gave me his name but I don’t feel the need to share that name with you here. His essence is very much apart of my life’s purpose and although I have no problems sharing portions of my life on the blog, I have been made to understand by Spirit that the name of your personal guardian should be kept secret once you learn it.

Once you have made the connection with your personal guardian, you can call his/her name (angels are genderless but may choose to take on a feminine or masculine form) any time you are in need of guidance. Angela McGerr suggests calling the name out loud three times to establish the connection between the divine and the mundane.

McGerr’s angel correspondences are slightly different to the system I learned way back. She has Michael as the guardian of Wednesday and Raphael as the guardian of Sunday – I learned it the other way around. But this doesn’t bother me. The guardian of Monday (the day of the week I was born), Gabriel, remains the same in both systems. Stick to what works for you. Spirit will find a way of communicating truth – the form is irrelevant.

My zodiac sign angel is Nadiel – the angel of Capricorn.

The elemental angel corresponding to Capricorn is Ariel (Air and Earth) according to McGerr. This is also different to the system I learned where Uriel is Earth, Raphael is Air, Michael is Fire and Gabriel is Water (she has Phuel for Water and Uriel for Fire)… but again I’m releasing any need to be right or work with an established order. We are, after all, in the month of Pisces and going with the flow is the order of the day!

Finding my Quinary angel was relatively easy. McGerr provides the list of all 72 Quinary angels in the book and asks you to trust your intuition as you read the names out loud. I knew without knowing how when I spoke the name of my Quinary angel. If you wish to go by date of birth, you can use either of the two systems (the one that resonates the most!) HERE. You can read about the function/character of each of these angels HERE.

For this 5 card spread that I invite you to use as an embrace from your angels, I have chosen to work with the Crystal Visions Tarot as I find that the vibration of this deck is comforting just like the presence of angels.

 Your Five Guardian Angels
Before pulling each card, I invoked the angel by name three times, asking for guidance for my highest good and the good of all in love and light.

1. Message from my Guardian Angel – 8 of Swords: Call on me every time you are stuck in old negative and limiting thought patterns. Don’t let anyone hold you hostage to your past or to how they perceive you. Equally, allow others to change and evolve.

2. Message from my Weekday Angel, Gabriel – The Knight of Cups: Enjoy this period of fantasy and romance. This can be one of the best times of your life if you let it. Allow the sweetness of life to unfold in the next few weeks.

3. Message from my Zodiac Angel, Nadiel (Capricorn) – 2 of Pentacles (Jupiter in Capricorn!): Make healthy choices in the month ahead. I will help you strengthen your body and reduce your stress levels.

4. Message from my Elemental Angel, Ariel (Earth) – 3 of Wands: You can begin connecting with souls who support your spiritual growth now. It is safe to branch out. Light your beacon. You don’t have to walk the path alone.

5. Message from my Quinary Angel, Neithel – Page of Pentacles: I will show you how to keep the fragile plant you planted safe. Sooner than you think it will grow from a tiny seed into a strong tree with branches that stretch toward heaven and roots that dig deep into the fertile soil.