the lady of joy brian froud heart of the faerie oracle

The Faeries on Time #mysticmisfit

the lady of joy brian froud heart of the faerie oracle

I have been thinking about time today. It could be argued that time is our greatest gift here on Earth but most of us seem to have a blasé approach to how we use it – me included. We know from those who lead by example that using our time wisely is the key to success in any endeavour. Those overnight successes have all put the hours in before the spotlight is turned their way.

And even if we don’t want fame or glory of any kind, we all have dreams and goals. What do you hope to achieve in the next 12 months? How about the next five years? If things are exactly the way they are today five years from now, would you be happy and contented?

Personally, there is very little in terms of earthly status and achievement that appeals to me… So really, using my time wisely is even more imperative because I wish to use it in service to the Divine.

During the London Angel World Summit this weekend, Kyle Gray invited us to pray with him. The prayer went something like ‘Help me serve others in a way that also JOYFULLY serves me.’ I love that prayer so much because I believe that is how we are meant to serve – With a glad a heart and not through sacrifice (unless specifically called for).

But my big conundrum today was still how to use my time as effectively as possible, so I wanted to ask the Fae what they could teach me and my fellow mystic misfits about time. Talk about a ‘Duh!’ moment when the Fae hastened to confirm that JOY is the key to using our time as effectively as possible. It’s when I realised I had a disconnect between ‘being effective’ and ‘living joyfully’ – that’s being fixed as I type!

Here’s the thing, the more we give from the heart, the happier we become. The happier we are, the more we have to go give.

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When we do what lights us up, we are being the most effective we can possibly be on our path of service.

Part of the problem is that we have had our true north scrambled. Check yourself for this… Have you ever confused happiness with buying more stuff… or getting a promotion… or living in a swanky location? We all fall into these traps from time to time. Connecting with the Fae and Mother Nature brings us back to the true meaning of happiness.

It’s easy to know if what you are doing is a thing of pure joy or not. When we are joyful, time (paradoxically) seems to cease to exist because we find ourselves in a state of flow, a sign that we are hooked up to Source.

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So much love!

Lisa xo


For today’s message I pulled a card from the Heart of the Faerie Oracle (UK Amazon affiliate link) by Brian Froud.