Charlatans, Cards and Curses (with Sample Holistic Tarot Reading)

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After writing and tweeting about Holistic Tarot vs Fortune-telling quite a lot recently, I found myself under fire and had to block a couple of Tarot readers who thought it was a good idea to reply with attacks on my person. This is the tweet that drew the fire:

A #Holistic #Tarot reading is like the natural remedy which treats the whole person, compared to the ‘plaster’ given by a fortune-teller.

Some “warlock” and some “young Tarosophist of the year” called me ignorant, envious, divisive and lacking in fortune-telling skills based on this tweet. Whether they know about my work or whether they chose to judge me merely based on this tweet I will (gladly) never know.

Yet this will not deter me from educating people and what I am about to share gives the absolute reason why – the victims.

I had to deal with a victim of a Tarot charlatan only this morning – sadly not the first to come my way! She had been told by a ‘Tarot reader’ that she and her ex husband couldn’t get back together because she had been cursed by a third party. However, for a small fee, this ‘Tarot reader’ would lift the curse.

My advice to anyone who has experienced this form of fraud and ‘psychic rape’: You have been lied to. Try to forget what they said and do not heed any of the ‘advice’ handed out. Next time you go for a Tarot reading, make sure that your reader is a Holistic Tarot reader rather than a fortune-teller. Never EVER get a reading from someone who claims to be able to predict the future with 100% accuracy or claims to be able to ‘remove curses.’

This should be common sense but common sense seems to be rare enough to be a super power these days:

NOBODY can predict the future with 100% accuracy because guess what… the future isn’t set in stone! TWEET THIS

As for removing curses… Instilling fear in a client and then offering to take away that fear for a fee is the oldest trick in the book and have been used across many a trade but seems to survive only in the world of magick and divination because of the superstition that is associated with it. These are the true snakes of the Tarot world and their karmic payback will be massive. Basically, they operate on the principle that if you are that gullible, you have nobody but yourself to blame.

We need to move away from fear and superstition and into the Light. Or we do if we want a Tarot reading to be seen as a respectable holistic alternative to life coaching or any of the many healing modalities and counselling techniques out there.

This inevitably leads us to the next big fear topic: THE BAD CARDS… go on, rattle them off for me:

Death, The Tower, 10 of Swords, 3 of Swords, The Devil, 5 of Cups… the list goes on…

Unless you stop thinking of some of the Tarot cards as ‘bad’ and others as ‘good’ you probably shouldn’t be reading the cards for anybody. TWEET THIS

ALL cards contain the full spectrum of light and dark and the cards with more challenging images merely reflect unsettled/unresolved matters in the psyche of the Seeker. It is ALL good because it can all lead to holistic change and growth. Where you are, right now, with WHATEVER is going on in your life is OK… so relax. You have challenges ahead, sure… but that is how we all grow. And in the end, love and peace prevail. If you do not believe this, please step away from those cards!

Do you want a reader to catastrophise your existence and extort you? Do you want a reader to present to you a future set in stone? I am pretty sure you didn’t answer yes to the first question but a surprising amount of people DO want the future served up on a silver platter. This is because they are afraid of making choices, of making a mess… of being held accountable… and guess what, that’s OK too… until we are ready to grow up and begin co-creating our destiny. 

What is not OK is to take advantage of someone who is vulnerable in any way. A Tarot reading is not always the best way forward and I often decline to read for people whose expectations of a reading do not match my reading style. I also refer people on to medical, legal and financial professionals when they are deemed better equipped to deal with the issue at hand.

As a Holistic Tarot reader, I am blessed to be in a position to help clients step away from fear and take a more positive and proactive approach to life and decision-making. I often give out this sort of advice to clients for free before and after a reading…. Does my holistic approach make me less psychic than a Tarot reader who claims to be able to foretell the future? I will let YOU be the judge of that.

I have added a real sample holistic reading below, with the feedback given by the client…

SAMPLE HOLISTIC TAROT READING (shared with client’s permission)

The client’s question:

What do I need to know to be on the right path to get a new job?

I’m thinking of moving abroad, but my father’s illness has prevented me from doing so, so far.

My reading: 

I use an intuitive, flowing way of reading and do not read any of the cards separately from any of the other cards. I do not usually include any information about positional meanings in my email Tarot readings. However, for the purpose of this post, I will break it down so that you get the gist of the structure used: Particular emphasis is placed on the Majors as well as the first card I turn over and the ‘crossing’ card which equal the heart of a Celtic Cross reading. The third card roughly equals ‘action advice’ and the three cards on the bottom row show the client the type of vocation she is best suited for and should pursue at this point in time. The oracle cards provide further insights and spiritual guidance. These are the cards I pulled for this reading:

Holistic Tarot Reading for Alexandra


This is what the Tarot cards reveal:

The situation with your father is clearly outlined by the first two cards and the challenge is to start focusing on work matters again. You would do well to begin honing a particular skill that may in more demand than you suspect.

The best course of action is to keep the work-life balance at this stage though and not overdo the job hunting as your father still needs you close by. Harmony is the main priority with the justice card. Justice is a Libra influence, as is the next card (Queen of Swords) and this (together with the Virgo 8 of Pentacles) tells me that a career that involves writing/editing/copy/translation services might be right up your street.

The good news is that you could begin exploring these types of jobs from home. Eventually, you may find that the best way forward is to create the job you want rather than expecting an employer to hand it to you. Going freelance may seem overwhelming but do a little bit of research every day (again, back to the Virgo 8 of Pentacles).

The final three cards, Queen of Swords + Judgement + The Emperor, speak clearly about self-employment and being you own boss in a job where you uses your intellect and linguistic skills.

Stretch your neck out from the Higher Intuitions Oracle is interesting. It says that now is not the time to think of moving away but you can still branch out! It’s time to pluck up the courage to try something completely new. I see this card as having the courage to move outside your comfort zone in different ways and it is possible to do that while staying where you are.

The Archangel Oracle card and Giraffe both tell me that another skill you have yet to explore in-depth is clairvoyance and this ability could possibly also be used to create an additional stream of income should you choose to go self-employed. It almost goes without saying that clairvoyance is a skill that could be used for creating your dream job.

To summarise: Good news – you have options and do not need to rely on an employer handing you a job! Start researching what it would take to go self-employed doing something you love. Now would also be a great time to develop your clairvoyant skills in preparation for future work. I see you doing two different types of jobs in the future and you enjoy them both.

Client’s response:

Thank you very much, Lisa!

I really appreciate your reading!

True, I’m a clairvoyant, it’s a family matter, but this has always worked to help others, not myself, unfortunately.
I’ve tried to go self-employed again and again so far, but this seems to be out of my reach for now.
I already do a job that involves copying/writing/editing but, again, it’s a sort of family hobby, we do a home-made periodical publication, very accurate stuff, we don’t earn anything, it’s just for love of knowledge, we work at loss LOL!
I’ve worked as a librarian, which was my dream job, but my position was deleted due to this stupid crisis (again, dealing with documents).

Additional holistic advice/remedies given after feedback/dialogue about the reading: 

I would like to recommend a Bach flower essence called ‘Wild Oat’

Edward Bach himself writes the following about this essence:

“Those who have ambitions to do something of prominence in life, who wish to have much experience, and to enjoy all that which is possible for them, to take life to the full. Their difficulty is to determine what occupation to follow; as although their ambitions are strong, they have no calling which appeals to them above all others. This may cause delay and dissatisfaction.”

I also feel that you might benefit from a guided visualisation. There are many free visualisations online that you can try. Here is one:

Do this every day for the next two weeks.
The crystals I would like to recommend are carnelian and tiger’s eye to support your second and third chakras. Carnelian will help you connect more deeply with the things you really enjoy (and may also help your stomach pain) and tiger’s eye will give you the courage to take action for going self-employed.

Totally MAGICAL feedback given by the client after I gave the remedies: 

Lisa, believe it or not, I LOVE carnelian and tiger eye…

They’re both on the shelf of my library, close to my bed.

And some days ago a bottle of Wild Oat “manifested” itself on my shelf, I must have bought it some time ago…
I’m having some drops right now!
I’ll check the video in another moment…
Thank you so much 😀 !
So there you have it – a happy Holistic Tarot client and not a single tall, dark stranger or curse to remove in sight!



Blessed Be!


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  1. Oh dear… I call myself a fortune teller and I do predictive readings, but in a holistic way. But I’d never scare the client with curses or the like! It’s horrible to think that there are still such people around… I know a young tarosophist of the year (it may or may not be the same person that trolled you) but although she says she’s a fortune teller she also does it in a holistic way. I think there’s a misunderstanding between us too. Or it’s just me, lol.

    1. Post

      Oh, I predict too. It’s not much use throwing the cards down if you can’t use them to navigate upcoming events at all… but you have to understand that the future is not set in stone and that anything outside a short time frame is likely to be altered… Those who label themselves ‘fortune-tellers’ give it to you as if the things they predict ARE set in stone… You know ‘A tall, handsome dark stranger…’ type readings. Fortune-telling as a trade has a very bad reputation. It could be argued that we should spend time cleaning up that reputation but I prefer to use a description of what I do that resonates a bit closer instead, especially since charlatans love referring to themselves as fortune-tellers (and psychics).

  2. Shame some people actually believe hexing others exist. The only hexes are those we put on ourselves and can easily be removed via learning to eradicate the fear that made us believe we are hexed in the first place. Thoughts are powerful and people should learn how to talk to themselves nicely so the energy from them is returns positively IMO. Thoughts are energy and energy is a communication tool to the universe around us.

    1. Post

      Oh, I believe the intent to hex can be very real… How effective the hex is depends a lot on the belief of the ‘receiver’ though… and either way, it always backfires – at least times three. But I’m no expert in hexes and curses. I prefer blessings and healing work 🙂

  3. Thanks for weighing in, Richard. The deck choice was completely unintentional – I just grabbed the first stock photo I could find of a 'fortune teller' type reader. 🙂 I actually don't have that deck but am tempted to add it to my collection after that endorsement. I couldn't agree more with regards to your statement about reversals!

  4. "However, for a small fee …" And I can't help but laugh when they say things l like, it's not to me, it is a donation to the [fill in the name if a Saint,Spirit, Ghost of you choice] just to show your level of intent." Oh PUHLEEEZZE!

    I also agree whole heartedly with your statement that all cards include a full spectrum or light and dark energy (and BTW that is not the same as Good/Bad). In fact I don't use reversed cards. Reversed cards came along later after the Cristian Lucifer/Hell construct was created. In my experience the Tarot has plenty of ways of challenging you without them.

    Th only thing I'm disappointed about regarding this article is that you used my favorite deck, The Medieval Scapini deck, in your less than flattering picture of the fortuneteller, LOL!

  5. Hey Lisa, this is a great article, very informative and full of good solid advice. The sentence that stood out for me was – "Next time you go for a Tarot reading, make sure that your reader is a Holistic Tarot reader rather than a fortune-teller." I think there are a lot of people who do not realise that there is a distinction. I have people ring me every so often and they say they want a fortuneteller… when I tell them that I am a Tarot reader and explain how I work (holistically) they say – YES! That's what I want… a fortuneteller… It's a bit like people who want to buy a vacuum cleaner but ask for a Hoover… they don't really want a Hoover but something that is right for the job… Here's an Electrolux! Perfect, I'll take that, it's exactly the Hoover I wanted…

    Bit by bit we have to inform and educate on how we work…
    Thank you for writing this 🙂

  6. Agreed – following the magickal axiom 'divine short, spell long' it IS possible to foretell the future when the trajectory has been set… but it has rarely set 100% and I would stick with the next 6-8 weeks for this.

  7. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Lisa. It's scary seeing people out there claiming that they can predict the future 100% accurately. And then seeing them defend themselves by saying "Well, predictive readings is what the people want from me!" – Yeah so? That doesn't make it ethical (not saying all predictive reading is unethical, but a big part of it seems to be, especially paired with a sensitive seeker…).

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