Santa Muerte Tarot Week Ahead Messages

Week Ahead Tarot Reading

Santa Muerte Tarot Week Ahead Tarot Reading

Happy Fri-Yay, my friends! It’s time for the week ahead Tarot reading as well as Halloween/Samhain. The Santa Muerte Tarot seems a good fit for this week’s messages. This is a Tarot deck that honours the wisdom of the dead so I’m going to try to channel as much of this energy as possible in the individual messages. In a similar vein, the general week ahead message is from the Halloween Oracle.

In the Southern hemisphere, our friends are celebrating Beltane. Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting about you! These messages still apply because the veil is equally thin down under right now, albeit with a spring-like feel to it.

Now is a good time to make your selection before scrolling down to the general week ahead message. Pick the card you feel most drawn to above for your week ahead message. If you are not instantly drawn to one or can’t make your mind up, take a couple of deep breaths to relax before you choose. Alternatively, you can allow this digital randomiser to select for you.

Week Ahead Message from Spirit

Skeleton from the Halloween Oracle

Skeleton is a memento mori that is coming into our lives now to help us lay off the burdens of shame, guilt and blame. It is also a reminder that before Death, we are all equal. Think therefore on what seeds you wish to sow now for the year head so that you may live more fully over the next 12 months. In the Northern Hemisphere we go deep into the Darkness now. We have more time for stillness and contemplation. In our quiet time, ‘Skeleton’ fans the flames of our deepest wishes by reminding us that our days are numbered…

A good Samhain practice may be to make a list with 13 rows (one for each of the 13 Moons in the year ahead), each of them beginning with ‘I am….’ Go back over each row and cross out the sentences that will no longer be true once the flesh is gone from your bones. Complete this contemplative practise giving thanks for the gift of breath and the light of the next dawn waiting to break. Doing this excercise mindfully will help you bring your perspective back to the things that truly matter in your life and help you see what a precious gift each breath is. The rest should fall away without problem…

A good Beltane ritual could involve looking after the flesh still on your bones by indulging in a sensual bath with your favourite essential oils. Spend some time in front of the mirror before you get dressed and radiate love and appreciation to your naked self as well as to the two blood lines converged to give you your unique DNA. Affirmation: I take good care of myself and am my authentic self in the world, walking with integrity every step of the way.

When you strip right down to the bare bones of your faith and the path you are one, what could you create a ritual around? It is time to get truly intimate with Spirit now that the veil is so thin and you can’t do that if you borrow the ways and expressions of others. Trust your intuitive guidance more than ever!

To all of us, Skeleton is a reminder that we are better off showing strength and vulnerability in equal measure. Sometimes our vulnerability is our greatest strength…

Individual Week Ahead Tarot Reading – Reveal

Santa Muerte Tarot Week Ahead Tarot Reading Reveal

Card number 1

You chose the King of Cups. This week will be centred around emotional maturity, social interactions and vulnerability. You may find that others come to you for help and guidance. However, if you have repressed your empathic side and can’t even face your own shit, this week will bring some emotional challenges your way… and there is no safety harness on this emotional rollercoaster. Alcohol will only delay the inevitable so maybe take a white week? The reason is that you need to be attuned to your own emotions this week and alcohol (as well as other drugs) can dull the senses. If you do struggle with addictions in any form, this King could represent a counselor whom you would benefit from booking an appointment with. The advice from the dead is to really listen to your heart this week… and no, it’s not found at the bottom of a bottle!

Card number 2

You chose The Tower. Or rather, The Tower chose you… because, really, who in their right mind would choose The Tower? You may find that your vulnerability is forced to the fore in some kind of relationship drama. The Tower can also be a sign to avoid danger since you could be more accident prone this week. On a spiritual level, The Tower is about the breakdown of ego constructs. Something you created to satisfy your egoic desires of fears is cracking now. It can be a bit like the Universe hitting us over the head with a 2×4 because we have refused to listen to our heart and be true to ourselves. The advice from the dead is to destroy all that is superficial. Energy gets trapped when we wear false masks. Free yourself and take back your power!

Card number 3

You chose the 5 of Pentacles. Again this may feel a bit like a card you would rather avoid than consciously choose… However, it contains the remedy you need for the week ahead. This card is about having the courage to show your vulnerability by asking for help. It’s OK to not be 100% self-sufficient. If you think you are, you’re only deluding yourself anyway. People need other people. Almost everything that you use on a daily basis has had the touch of another person… That is something to marvel at with gratitude, don’t you think? The advice from the dead is to be practical about your situation and to not let pride get in the way of asking another person for help if need be.




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