12 Decks Every Tarot Healer Needs to Own

If you are interested in using the Tarot holistically, for healing and personal development, you will find that certain decks work better than others. Which decks that might be will vary from person to person, so what resonates with me might not work for you and that is totally fine. Below, I’m listing my favourite Tarot Healing decks in four …

Codependency, Vampirism and The Devil

Codependency is an unhealthy form of attachment where one person subordinates their needs to meet the needs of another even though the other person is abusive. Classic codependency involves substance abuse of some type, but the term is used more broadly to describe any type of relationship where one person neglects their own needs and obsesses about meeting the needs of another person. Essentially the codependent personality type has one main need of her own: to be needed.