angelic tarot crystal correspondences

Angelic Tarot Crystal Correspondences for the Major Arcana

angelic tarot crystal correspondences

There are many lists of correspondences for Tarot and crystals if you do a quick search online. They do not all agree but neither of those lists is right or wrong. We all tune into the energies of each Arcanum in our own unique way. However, the list below is different and more than just a list of crystal correspondences. These Angelic Tarot Crystal Correspondences have been carefully intuited to create a crystal-angel-tarot trifecta.

This means that you can use the crystal as the touching stone (pun intended) for both the wisdom of the Arcanum and the angelic vibration. However, just as you do not need the physical presence of the angel, you do not need an actual gemstone to access its vibration. You can draw the energy to yourself by setting the intention. This is handy since some of the gemstones below are pricey and hard to come by.

To learn more about each corresponding angel and Tarot card, click the links below. The links for the angels will take you to a channelled message. The Angelic Activation posts linked below are from the 22 Angelic Tarot Activations for Christ Consciousness. <— CLICK this link to learn how I was guided to channel them.

The Prayers for the Angelic Tarot Crystal Correspondences

The prayers are short so that you can repeat them from memory throughout the day. They are essentially affirmation prayers, so you are not pleading for something to happen in the future. Rather, you are giving thanks for the angelic quality already being present.

I believe that the essence and True Self of each human is angelic. Embodying angelic qualities is simply a matter of expressing a ray on the spectrum of the Higher Self. You are not bowing down to forces outside or above yourself. By saying the prayers below, you honour your True Self.

clear quartz angelic tarot crystal correspondences

0 The Fool (Uranus and the Element of Air)

Clear Quartz Uriel – The Fool

Prayer: Thank you, Uriel, for guiding me to walk in freedom, wisdom and deep peace.

Clear quartz corresponds with the blank slate that The Fool represents. This is the start of a new adventure. How you program your mind/crystal determines how it all turns out.

emerald angelic tarot crystal correspondences

1 The Magician (Mercury)

Emerald RaphaelThe Magician

Prayer: Thank you, Raphael, for helping me connect to my true will and act from that place of inner knowing.

The Emerald Green flame of Archangel Raphael has been perfectly captured in the Emerald gemstone but can be found in other green gemstones as well. The Magician teaches mastery over the Elements. For that true will is required and this means being attuned to the green heart fire of Anahata, the Heart Chakra.

pearl angelic tarot crystal correspondences

2 The High Priestess (the Moon)

PearlGabriel –The High Priestess

Prayer: Thank you, Gabriel, for the purification of my intentions and emotions, and for teaching me when to speak and when to remain silent.


3 The Empress (Venus)

Diamond Haniel – The Empress

Prayer: Thank you, Haniel, for creative inspiration and a strong, supportive, fertile and abundant connection to Nature.

Diamond, like the Empress/Venus herself, is the ultimate opulence. It can help detox the body, bring clarity to the mind, and magnify positive emotions while repelling negative emotions.

red jasper

4 The Emperor (Aries)

Red Jasper Sariel – The Emperor

Prayer: Thank you, Sariel, for the strength inside me to stay organised and grounded, no matter what is going on around me.

Red Jasper creates stability while balancing overly aggressive energy.


5 The Hierophant (Taurus)

Turquoise Sandalphon – The Hierophant

Prayer: Thank you, Sandalphon, for helping me express my faith and beliefs without imposing them on others, and for helping me listen to understand rather than reply.

Turquoise is a wonderful throat chakra stone that can help balance the energy of Taurus/The Hierophant. Turquoise promotes self-realisation and brings inner calm.

citrine angelic tarot crystal correspondences - the lovers - archangel jophiel

6 The Lovers (Gemini)

CitrineJophiel – The Lovers

Prayer: Thank you, Jophiel, for always helping me make the most loving choice and come up with the most beautiful solution

Citrine is a stone of joy, abundance and optimism. When the Gemini energy of The Lovers gets tangled up in its own thoughts, Jophiel and the citrine ray can bring us wisdom and restore beauty to our lives.


7 The Chariot (Cancer)

MoonstoneMetatron – The Chariot

Prayer: Thank you, Metatron, for restoring trust, innocence and genuine care for others in my life.

Moonstone promotes intuition, stabilises emotions and can bring success in all areas of our lives.


8 Strength (Leo)

Peridot Ariel – Strength

Prayer: Thank you, Ariel, thank you for helping me stay strong, heart-centred and balanced in my emotions.

Ariel, whose name means Lioness of God, can help us conquer our lower nature with lovingkindness. Peridot balances the centre of personal power (solar plexus chakra) with the heart chakra and ensures that the heart fire is balanced.

the hermit carnelian archangel raziel angelic tarot crystal correspondences

9 The Hermit (Virgo)

CarnelianRaziel – The Hermit

Prayer: Thank you, Raziel, for connecting my limitless inner knowing with my conscious mind so that I continue to grow in wisdom and understanding.

Archangel Raziel is known as ‘The Keeper of All Magic.’ His gift to mankind is the Sefer Raziel HaMalakh (“Book of Raziel the Angel”). Carnelian strengthens the gut-brain connection, vitalises us when we are too much in the head and helps us trust our inner knowing. 


10 The Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter)

AmethystZadkiel – The Wheel of Fortune

Prayer: Thank you, Zadkiel, for helping me stay expansive, yet calm and balanced, so I can see all the opportunities coming my way.

Amethyst balances the minds and emotions and dispels any negative thinking as well as toxic emotions and physiological toxicity. It keeps us sober-minded and capable of remaining centred in a positive trust for life itself, no matter what life throws at us. It perfectly captures the violet flame of Archangel Zadkiel (aka Sachiel).

blue lace agate

11 Justice

Blue lace agateRaguel – Justice

Prayer: Thank you, Raguel, for helping me see the bigger picture so that I can balance my inner scales and trust in ultimate justice.

Blue lace agate can help us speak our truth in a diplomatic way so that we do not burn bridges with others. It can help us calm down and see the bigger picture when we feel hard done by.

aquamarine angelic tarot crystal correspondences archangel asariel and the hanged man

12 The Hanged Man (Neptune and the Element of Water)

AquamarineAsariel – The Hanged Man

Prayer: Thank you, Asariel, for providing with me a new perspective, helping me let go and opening my heart to unconditional love.

Aquamarine is a great stone for any Neptunian/Piscean sensitives out there. It provides great support against emotional and energetic overwhelm. Because it also calms the mind, it can help bring a fresh new perspective (just like The Hanged Man) when we most need it.

13 Death (Scorpio)

Opal Azrael – Death

Prayer: Thank you, Azrael, for your gentle support as I let go of the old and transform into the best possible future version of myself.

Opal is a stone of transformation that invites us to go deep within to transform old wounds into alchemical gold. There are many different colours and the colour Opal you are drawn to symbolises the wound in need of healing.

14 Temperance (Sagittarius)

Red garnetThe Angel of Temperance – Temperance

Prayer: Thank you, Angel of Temperance, for keeping me strong, grounded and devoted to that which truly matters while I pursue my passions.

15 The Devil (Capricorn)

Your choiceThe Higher Self – The Devil

Prayer: Thank you, Higher Self, that you keep me from confusing my personality self, mask or persona with my True Self.

The stone you choose will tell you something about your purpose in this incarnation and how to better embody your True or Higher Self. Carry it with you to remain true to yourself and ward off the temptation to fake it until you make it.

red coral angelic tarot crystal correspondences

16 The Tower (Mars)

Red coral Chamuel – The Tower

Prayer: Thank you, Chamuel, for supporting my journey through life so that I take nothing personally and see everything as a learning opportunity.

Red coral supports us in developing leadership ability. It can teach us the proper use of personal power. It brings vitality, success and prosperity.

lapis lazuli

17 The Star (Aquarius)

Lapis lazuliThe Angel of Grace – The Star

Prayer: Thank you, Angel of Grace, for showering me with celestial grace and helping me connect with the world around me in ways that benefit the Highest Good for All.

Lapis lazuli is connected with the Great Goddess (Isis/Mary or by whatever name you refer to her). She is the woman clothed in stars and she wears a cloak the colour of Lapis. She bestows grace to all her children. Nobody is left behind. She helps us see that we are all one big family.

green jade

18 The Moon (Pisces)

Green jade Barachiel – The Moon

Prayer: Thank you, Barachiel, for making sure that I have a Guardian Angel always by my side so that need not fear any of the lessons here in Earth School.

Green jade supports the adrenal glands and wards off fear, worry, and negative thinking. It can help us stay hopeful and bring us good fortune, happiness and prosperity.

golden beryl angelic tarot crystal correspondences

19 The Sun (the Sun)

Golden berylMichael – The Sun

Prayer: Thank you, Michael, for the great joy of being alive that radiates like a sun from within and for keeping me safe on all my adventures.

Golden beryl repels negative entities while attracting angelic energy. Energetically, Golden beryl protects the causal body (can clear karmic issues) and physiologically it improves digestion. It is an excellent gemstone for strengthening the solar plexus chakra and bringing mental clarity.

black obsidian

20 Judgement (Pluto and the Element of Fire)

Black obsidian Jeremiel – Judgement

Prayer: Thank you for helping me see past lessons with crystal clarity so that I know what to leave behind and what to bring forward as I begin the next phase.

Black obsidian helps us release negativity and that which no longer serves us. It helps us remain accountable and take full responsibility for our life choices. Black obsidian can be used for severing karmic hooks as well as for integrating karmic lessons.

blue sapphire angelic tarot crystal correspondences

21 The World (Saturn and the Element of Earth)

Blue sapphireHoly Sophia – The World

Prayer: Thank you, Holy Sophia, for the miraculous wisdom of the ages as well as for the hardwon lessons that we learn in this third dimension, and for covering us with your grace as learn.

Blue sapphire is another Mother Goddess/Sophia/Isis/Mary stone. It can help us embrace and express our inner wisdom and knowing.

According to Buddhist lore, “Sapphire produces a desire for prayer, and brings with it more peace than any other gem; but he who would wear it must lead a pure and holy life.”

In the Bible, we learn that “there was something that looked like a throne made of sapphire”.
~Ezekiel 1:26

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