top 12 benefits of having a tarot practice

Top 12 Benefits of Having a Tarot Practice

top 12 benefits of having a tarot practice

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, the world of Tarot offers a unique blend of practical utility and profound spiritual insights. From enhancing daily decision-making to guiding long-term life plans, the benefits of incorporating a Tarot practice into your life are manifold. Engaging with Tarot cards can enrich your mind, bolster your creativity, and deepen your spiritual practices. By unlocking the wisdom embedded in each card, you gain tools for self-awareness, artistic appreciation, and can even choose to engage in spirit communication. Ready to explore the spectrum of advantages that the Tarot has to offer? Here are the top 12 benefits of having a Tarot practice.

1. Life-Long Interest to Geek Out Over

In spite of its humble beginnings as a game of cards, the Tarot is a rich field that connects with numerous metaphysical topics. From astrology and numerology to Kabbalah and alchemy, the layers of knowledge and cross-disciplinary studies are virtually endless. Your curiosity will never stagnate, as there’s always something new to learn and explore.

2. Art Appreciation

The Tarot offers a stunning array of artistic expression. With thousands of different decks available, each featuring unique imagery, symbolism, and artistic styles, developing a Tarot practice can also help you cultivate a deep appreciation for art. You can even make your own Tarot deck. It’s easy these days with a bit of help of AI if you do not have the required artistic talent.

3. Spiritual Pathworking

The Tarot Major Arcana can serve as a valuable tool in spiritual pathworking. Each card acts as a signpost, guiding you along your spiritual journey and helping you delve deeper into your connection with the divine. The Fool represents the part of the God-mind that has chosen to become separate and go off on an adventure of growth and individuation. By interacting with the other Major Arcana archetypes, he gradually refines his personality self until it achieves wholeness and reunification with the Divine by reconnecting with and deferring to Holy Sophia (The World).

4. Self-Awareness

Achieving a deeper understanding of oneself is one of the greatest rewards of a Tarot practice. There is a reason the Tarot has been dubbed ‘The Mirror of the Soul.’ Each card does indeed act as a mirror, reflecting your subconscious mind and revealing truths about your emotional, mental, and spiritual state.

One of the bonuses of developing self-awareness is that you begin to automatically tap into and trust your intuition more and more. This is why the inscription above the entrance to the Oracle at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi read ‘Gnothi Seauton’ (Know Thyself).

For a powerful self-awareness/intuition combo, you can use the cards to incubate and interpret your dreams. Jung approves!

5. Shadow-Work

The Tarot is an excellent tool for shadow work, another practice Jung seriously approves of! Shadow work is the practice of confronting and integrating the hidden parts of ourselves. This practice naturally clears any wonky programming, leading to greater personal growth and transformation. Dreamwork can also be used in combination with Tarot for the purpose of better understanding one’s shadow.

6. Decision-Making

Using the Tarot for decision-making can provide clarity and insight. The cards help to reveal potential outcomes and illuminate underlying factors, making it easier to choose the best course of action. There are a plethora of spreads you can use for this purpose. My personal favourite for a straight-forward choice between A or B is the Intuitive Two Choices Tarot Spread.

7. Spirit Communication

For those interested in spirit communication, the cards can serve as a medium to connect with spiritual guides or higher self. The Tarot can convey messages and offer guidance from the spiritual realm. Check out our Spirit Communication Tarot spread if you are curious about giving this a go.

8. Mind-Body Connection

Through astro-tarot correspondences, Tarot readings can highlight connections between the cards and parts of the body, offering insights about any issues that demand your attention. For instance, Aries is the corresponding Zodiac sign for the head so when the Aries Emperor shows up, it could mean that you or the person you are reading for need to address recurring headaches. There are also specific Tarot spreads that can help become more embodied on your path. Check out this Tarot spread for the mind-body connection and clearing emotional blockages.

9. Creative Writing

The Tarot is an excellent tool for writers and other creatives. Each card tells a story or represents a character archetype. Combining the cards provides endless inspiration for plot twists, character development, and storylines. You can pick cards for plot developments face up or work with Tarot spreads or do random pulls whenever you feel stuck.

10. Daily Ritual

Having a daily Tarot practice is a lovely ritual that can provide a focal point for your day. This not only centers your mind but also helps set intentions and prepares you to handle whatever comes your way. Many use Tarot Journaling as their morning ritual/centring practice for the day ahead. (Check out 5 Ways to Bring a Stale Tarot Practice Back to Life for tips and ideas.)

11. Long-Term Planning

The Tarot can help map out larger cycles and aid in long-term planning. Year-ahead readings, for example, can offer insights into upcoming themes, challenges, and opportunities, assisting you in strategic foresight. I recommend checking in regularly with any long-term readings you do for yourself so that you can make any necessary adjustments to stay on track.

12. Helping Others

Being proficient in performing Tarot readings means you can assist others in navigating tricky situations and making insightful decisions. Offering Tarot readings can help friends and clients align with their highest possible timelines and life paths. This is an extremely rewarding path if you have an oracular calling. You probably won’t get rich but you will have the satisfaction of being a light for guidance and transformation in the lives of others.

In today’s post, we have explored how having a Tarot practice has benefits that range from enhancing decision-making skills to fostering self-awareness. The Tarot can be a lifelong interest, a path to appreciating art, a set of instructions for spiritual journeying, and even a tool for spirit communication. It aids in shadow-work, connects mind and body, stimulates creativity, and can be integrated into daily rituals. The long-term planning capabilities and the potential to help others further underscore its value.

Which benefit of having a practice Tarot resonates most with you? Are you aware of any benefits that I may have missed? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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