Musings on the Solar Eclipse and CPTSD

This Solar Eclipse taking is taking us all to the very depths of our souls. What will surface will be different for everyone. It will be whatever needs to come up for healing and in my case, it is Complex PTSD due to childhood trauma. I feel strongly guided on by our Blessed Mother for this portion of the journey, thanks to the messages and miraculous signs that have been coming through since last week. I also know that I’m not alone …

The Tree of Life Tarot Healing Technique

Can you use the Tarot for readings about health and wellbeing? Absolutely! You can use the Tarot both for looking into what’s out of whack AND for creating remedies. Although the Tarot should never replace the advice from your medical professional, it works exceedingly well as a complimentary tool.

How to Create a Tarot Essence

Perhaps you are familiar with Bach flower remedies or other flower/crystal essences. Did you know it is entirely possible to create your own Tarot essence along the same principles? The Tarot essence harnesses the power of individual symbols and archetypes, making it easier for you to integrate this energy with mind-body-spirit.