archangels and essential oils

Archangels and Essential Oils

archangels and essential oils

Why Use Essential Oils to Connect with the Angelic Realm

Archangels and Essential Oils are a match made in Heaven. No pun intended. Essential oils can help calm the mind, enable us to let go of worries/negativity, and raise our vibration. It is super important to raise our vibration in order to facilitate Angelic Communication. We simply can’t make the connection with the Angels in a state of low vibration. Then there are also specific essential oils that can help us ‘dial in’ to the energy of the individual Archangels.

Before your daily meditation to connect with the Angelic Realm, you may, for instance, use an anointing oil that you keep on your Angel Altar. Rub this oil over your third eye and/or heart chakra. Or just dab a drop over your crown chakra. There really is no right or wrong way to do this, so feel free to experiment and/or follow your inner guidance on this. Sandalwood and Frankincense are both wonderful anointing oils (make sure they are diluted if using them on sensitive skin) or you can try a ready-made blend.

If you do not intend to connect with a specific Angel/Archangel, you do not need to add another oil. However, if you wish to connect with, for instance, Archangel Uriel for wisdom, you may wish to add a drop of Clove Bud essential oil to a Yellow Jade crystal that you hold in your hand while meditating, to strengthen the connection. You can find a list of crystal correspondences for the Seven Chakra Archangels HERE.

Keeping It Real

But let’s keep it real here, none of these physical tools is necessary for you to connect with the Angels. More important by far are your mindset and intention. If you can calm yourself and raise your vibration without any tools, more power to you!

Archangels and Essential Oils – List of Correspondences

‘Aromacrystal’ Meditation

If you have the corresponding crystal, you can dab a drop of oil onto the crystal of the angel you wish to connect with. Just make sure that the crystal has been cleansed before you begin. Hold the scented crystal while you pray/meditate. The ‘Aromacrystal’ method is from the book ‘A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy’ by Denise Whichello Brown. The list of oils above is based on my own intuition/experience. It is not definitive or absolute. Again, feel free to experiment!


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